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Date: January 3rd, 2017
Cate: new releases

Top singles and EPs of 2016


I have to admit I haven’t listened to or bought as many 45s this year as the last. If you don’t order them straight away it is getting increasingly difficult to keep track of releases and finding a copy before they are sold out. Spotify is useless for singles and many smaller artists aren’t even bothered with it. Instead, I have found most of these on Bandcamp, or Youtube even. Shivas’ “I’ve Had Enough” is really the standout track of the year for me, since it simply has everything I require of a pop song. At number 2 we have a mini-album from Vexx,  which is simply amazing – but also points towards another trend: the ever more diffuse border between what is a single and what is an EP/12″. Since many releases don’t even have a physical format it is also becoming less important to make that distinction. I, however, maintain that albums have to be at least 20 minutes and/or contain 6 or more songs. Some records and tapes on this list have indeed been on other people’s albums list, eg. Peach Fuzz stunning debut cassette. I would also like to congratulate my friend, and owner of Not Unloved, for getting back into the record-releasing business. The label’s first release, by Glasgow group Vital Idles, is sitting pretty at #25.

01 The Shivas – I’ve Had Enough Casino Trash 7”
02 Vexx – Wild Hunt M’Lady’s 12”
03 C.C.T.V. – Piece of Paper and Audiocassette Tape Cristi Califoni MC
04 Peach Fuzz – s/t Dumpster MC
05 Heart Beach – Counting Rough Skies 7”
06 Sheer Mag – III Static Shock EP
07 Straight Arrows – Turn Me Off Rice Is Nice 7”
08 The Side Eyes – s/t Burger MC
09 Snail Mail – Habit EP Sister Polygon MC
10 Soft Candy – Bixarre Luv Pyramids Hozac 7”
11 Scully – No Sense Burger EP
12 The Ar-Kaics – It’s Not My World Goodbye Boozy 7”
13 CC Dust – Shinkansen No. 1 Night School 7”
14 Le Villejuif Underground – Heavy Black Matter Born Bad EP
15 Pleasers – Such a Fool Goodbye Boozy 7”

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Date: June 3rd, 2014
Cate: new releases

Vexx & Hysterians


Feminist Bashback at Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen turned out to be a fantastic event. Obviously Hysterics was the big draw, the first time the Olympia punk group’s made it over to Europe as far as I know. Full of energy, shredding, but they also allowed the women in audience to have their own space at the front of the stage. They only have an EP out so far, on the brilliant M’Lady’s imprint, and I really can’t wait for a full-length. The singer was wearing a Los Crudos t-shirt and they even played their cover of Limp Wrist’s “Cruisin’ At the Show” off of the first Hysterics tape. That was my favourite moment of the brief show. Shopping also impressed of course, and you need to pick up their LP from the tail end of 2013, called Consumer Complaints and available from Milk.


But I’m actually here to tell you about another LP from the end of last year, and I’ve been meaning to post about it since January. Vexx is another punk group from Olympia, who enthralled me after watching a live clip from a M’Lady’s showcase. Only half of this group is female, but their singer is such a magnetic front person, much like Christmas’ Emily Beanblossom. I picked up one of the last copies of the transparent vinyl from Brett (M’Lady’s) and it really is the best punk LP I’ve heard from all of last year. The 2nd pressing is still available from their label Grazer, so get on it. From the blistering “Don’t Talk About It”, the ominous “Strength” to the unlikely hooks of “Roky, Take Me Home” Vexx throws the best of the Wipers into the blender, pour in some very original ideas and when everything sets you have 8-track album as heavy as cement.

EDIT: Both Grazer pressings are sold out, but M’Lady’s is going to re-release it on cassette, cd and 12″.