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Date: March 9th, 2016
Cate: new releases

Eerie Wanda & Doug Tuttle


Marina Tadic’s album with Eerie Wanda looks like it has been a long time in the making, considering the fact the video promoting Hum was posted in 2014. But Beyond Beyond Is Beyond have made good their word and finally released this album, which is a firm favourite of this year already. I’m so amazed by the track “Vinny” that I might even include in my DJ sets. You can definitely tell from the sound that some of Jacco Gardner’s group have been involved with the recording. Now we can only hope they do a proper tour of Europe.

Another of one of this year’s best records so far is the sophomore effort of MMOSS star Doug Tuttle. It Calls On Me is out via Trouble In Mind and is a great follow up to his self-titled debut. It’s mesmerizing, sparkling and bright and dull at the same time. Check out the Sparklehorsesque “Falling to Believe” below. I had to order these two records instantly – and actually they’re the first new albums I’ve purchased this year.

Date: October 7th, 2015
Cate: graphic design, new releases

SIDE70 | podcast

Here’s the latest podcast from me, uploaded a couple of weeks ago actually. It features a bunch of new tracks from bands like Drinks (Tim Presley & Cate Le Bon), new faves C.C.T.V. (Coneheads off-shoot), Raw Nerves and Salad Boys outta New Zealand, lots of Aussie goodness, Destruction Unit (whom I am watching in Sweden tonight) and an amazing track from a new Fungi Girls tapes full of outtakes from the band’s short existence.


Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp – Alternator
Drinks – Cannon Mouth
C.C.T.V. – Anxiety
Fungi Girls – Casino Dance
The Raw Nerves – I Love This Town
Radioactivity – Silent Kill
The Barreracudas – Cut Me Loose
Salad Boys – Bow to Your New Sensation
Totally Mild – Work It Out
Blank Realm – Palace of Love
Ducktails – Into the Sky
Sonny & the Sunsets – Baby Jokin
Empat Lima – Epic Mountain Song
Terrible Truths – Sink Or Swim
Hierophants – 321
Ghetto Ghouls – Right Hand
Uniform – Faces
Black Panties – Hot Tub Livin
Destruction Unit – If Death Ever Slept
Flesh World – Your Love Is Like a House
Love of Diagrams – Racing
Kitchen’s Floor – Down
Buck Biloxi and the Fucks – Right Down the Street
Primitive Parts – Rented Houses
The Loons – Out of the Frame
Jessie Jones – Twelve Hour Man
Angie – Ricky Street

Date: September 30th, 2015
Cate: new releases

The Butterscotch Cathedral


Matt Rendon of The Resonars is back. After having played in bands like Lenguas Largas, The Knockout Pills and Freezing Hands, he’s now started a new studio project called The Butterscotch Cathedral. It picks up where he left off with the latest album Crummy Desert Sound, which I rated top album of that year. The new one is equally ambitious, upping the ante for his experimental side even more. The self-titled concept album is a tribute to baroque pop masterpieces like Odessey and Oracle and perhaps most notably Tommy. Rendon has often mentioned the immense influence of The Who on his music-making, and you can also spot traces of Butterfly-era Hollies on this one. This is a brilliant record with only 3 tracks – the first one doesn’t even have a title. Head over to Trouble in Mind to pick up your copy before the release on Friday – trust me, this is not one you want to listen to on Spotify or the horrible Apple Music.

Date: August 9th, 2015
Cate: graphic design, new releases

SIDE 68 | podcast


The Record Turnover podcast is back, and long overdue. That’s why this one is a round-up of some of the best garage and punk releases of the year so far. Some great albums and singles have come out this spring, on labels like State, Castle Face, Burger of course, Randy, Trouble In Mind, Hozac and Famous Class. Two bands to watch are The Magnetic Mind who are one of the most promising new garage/psych acts from the UK (along with The Exploding Sound Machine), and Thing which is a new project from Reatards-member and Lover! main man Rich Crook. La Luz have released a new LP this month, and Negative Scanner and Sheer Mag I have already written about here or on HMYN. A review of the amazing Uh Bones LP is coming soon as well!

Uh Bones – Loretta
The Living Eyes – Bad Example
The High Learys – I’m a Fool For You
The Baron Four – Walking Out
La Luz – I’ll Be True
The Magnetic Mind – When The Morning Comes
Negative Scanner – Criticism
Nervosas – The Well
Black Time – Black Chant
No Joy – Remember Nothing
Zig Zags – Gröth
Thee Oh Sees – Turned Out Light
The Optic Nerve – Here to Stay
The BellTowers – You Never Know
The Zoltars – Movies
Hinds – Between Cans
Thing – Outta Control
Nancy – Holiday
Magic Jake and the Power Crystals – Boys and Girls
Golden Pelicans – Last Street Fighter
Sheer Mag – Button Up
The Splits – Melody
The Achtungs – I Don’t Care About You
Melted – Pepper and Milk
Wand – Flesh Tour

Date: February 12th, 2013
Cate: new releases
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Jacco Gardner | Cabinet of Curiosities


I won’t withhold that Cabinet of Curiosities is one my most anticipated debut longplayers of the year. Jacco Gardner impressed everyone with his Trouble In Mind 45 “Where Will You Go” last year. A single deeply ensconced in Curt Boettcher and Gary Usher’s production style, but still with one foot in Gardner’s native 60s sound, known as nederbeat. His first LP is a shimmering wonderland of psych-pop, that includes both of his previous singles. Trouble In Mind should be proud to have put out one of the early contenders for 2013’s best album. Gardner’s vision is complete, he doesn’t do covers and the only outward reference I can find is “The Ballad of Little Jane” which must be a nod to British popsike and groups like Timon (who recorded the classic “The Bitter Thoughts of Little Jane”). In general the lyrical themes are darker than Millenium’s somewhat light fare, and at times approach Syd Barrett’s introspection. One of the most memorable melodies is that of “Lullaby”, driven by a picked guitar. “The Riddle” is probably the track that most resembles Gardner’s previous album with The Skywalkers, and on most of the tracks organs and electric pianos are still prominent. Apart from the single tracks “Where Will You Go” and “Clear the Air”, I think the strongest song is the title track, which could have been an instrumental by Air, almost. The drumming and organ playing also brings my thoughts round to Broadcast at their most analogue. Although there’s track called “Summer’s Game”, the record sounds perfect for early autumn. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it now!

Trouble In Mind are simultaneously putting out a companion album by West Coast studio project Maston, recorded by one Frank Maston. Shadows is a short 10-track album with several instrumentals that bear an almost cinematic quality, much like later Mercury Rev. On the tracks that do have vocals, they blend into the wall of sound and serve little function apart from melody. Most of songs sound inspired by Brian Wilson (just like The Explorers Club were on their first album) but there are also echoes of a folker side (Lee Hazlewood Industries?), especially on “Messages”, which is my favourite track. Maston’s first album is perhaps most interesting as a soundscape, but with more focus on the vocals and lyrics there should be some amazing pop songs lurking in there.

And did I mention that The Limiñanas recent TIM single La fille de la ligne 15 is most excellent? I’ve already played the single by Fuzz (Segall & Moonheart) at my club night, and it definitely turned a few heads.

Date: December 27th, 2012
Cate: Music
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2012 | top fifteeen singles & eps



Like my 2012 albums list, let’s start this one off with a Slumberland record. Old Marvelous Darlings side project Roommates who had four songs released on cassettes, got a posthumous 45 released this year. “Kelly I’m Not a Creep” is a modern powerpop classic.

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Date: December 24th, 2012
Cate: Music

2012 | top fifteen albums


Terry Malts
Killing Time

A classic noise-pop album, right up there with Henry’s Dress. Unfortunately I played this to death in the first few weeks. It’s about time to come back to it now though, and it feels like a worthy start to my list of top 2012 albums.

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Date: December 11th, 2012
Cate: new releases

Mmoss | Only Children

It’s almost time to wrap up 2012 and its best albums and singles. Many of which I haven’t had time to mention! So let’s talk about one record that will definitely be on my list, and that has already turned up in a few other ones. Mmoss come from New Hampshire and their new album Only Children might give both them and their new label Trouble In Mind some much-deserved exposure. Burger, who have proved once again this year that they are the best at picking up on promising bands, released the first Mmoss album last year. No one noticed of course, which is also Burger’s curse. With Only Children, Mmoss have garnered comparisions to as widely varying outfits at Pink Floyd, The Byrds and Ant Trip Ceremony. The fact is, that this 9-track LP may be favourably compared to much any critically acclaimed psych/pop album of the 60s and 70s. Not only do they live and breathe the sound, which we’ve seen a lot of bands do this year (not least Cosmonauts and Woods), but the composition and arrangement of the songs bear a degree of complexity not many bands can be bothered about these days. The only thing that would have kept this album from becoming legendary had it been released in 1968 are the vocals, which play a minor role here (something I feel is sadly also the case with another one of 2012’s best releases, from By the Sea). “War Sux” isn’t 10 minutes long because they decided that before finishing it, which some of the songs on Toy’s recent debut give the effect of. It merely goes on until is has emptied every musical potential it holds. Another strong point for the album is the circular fullness, beginning and ending with with the companion tracks “Spoiled Sun” and “Spoiled Son”. It’s an album that doesn’t feel like it stops between songs – apart from flipping it over, the 40 minutes feel like a complete experience. Listen on spotify, particularly to my favourite track “Okay” that could have been a single if they needed one.

Date: August 3rd, 2012
Cate: new releases

Woollen Kits & Jacco Gardner

Woollen Kits dropped one of the best albums of the year early on, high on the punk injection of last year’s “Maths” single. Now they’re back, after a US tour and a signing to everyone’s fave label Trouble In Mind. The new single “Shelley” follows very much in the vein of “Maths”. Both sides have vocals by Tom R. and settle into a locked groove that makes the 4 minutes of the a-side pass by in the blink of an eye. “Shelley” breaks off midway into a mischievious solo, with the guitar wrestling the bass line for attention, only to return at the end sounding curiously natural and in harmony. “Down Your Street” on the b-side deals with the usual teenage prose, sounding as relentless as a Verlaines track. Listen and pick up a copy here.

Another interesting new TIM release is the second single from Jacco Gardner. I wasn’t familiar with this Dutchman previously, but turns out he recorded an album in a duo called The Skywalkers. Their only but great LP Year One, is a self-described freakbeat record although the prevalent farfisa makes me think more of Odessey and Oracle via Suicide. It’s also interesting to hear a Dutch beat group who blatantly bypass the Nederbeat bands of the 60s and pick their influences directly from American and British psych, landing not far from The Coral. You can pick up the record here, and apparently they’re playing the UK this month, and even Sweden in December.

Also in 2010, Gardner released his first solo record, which mines the psych-pop territory even deeper. “Clear the Sky” sounds lighter and more British, much like his contemporaries The Wicked Whispers. The new single is called “Where Will You Go” and will remind you of the orchestrated baroque pop of The Left Banke, but with an eerie analog synth arpeggio that creates a less sunny atmosphere. “Summer’s Game” on the flip is piano-based and layered with harpsichord and acoustic guitars, weaving a lush soundscape unusual for a Trouble In Mind release. This record might be a future classic, it certainly as all the marks. Listen to the a-side here.

Date: April 4th, 2012
Cate: new releases

SIDE32 | podcast

Using my days off this week productively, I’ve put together the next podcast, featuring all new music. I’ve noted which labels the records are on to better facilitate purchasing anything that might catch your fancy. But all the songs are from records that have already been mentioned here, will be mentioned, or at least ought to be mentioned on the blog! Here are some words about Outer Minds and Ketamines, and here Les BOF!. The Radar Eyes LP sort of slipped through my fingers and I only heard it today actually, although it’s been incredibly anticipated the last few months. It shows more of a shoegaze affection than the brilliant “Miracle” single implied, but it’s still really great. Featured on the cover here are Dutch beatmen De Keefmen who return with the companion 7″ to last year’s Hey Girl! release. This one is actually better and suggests the group should be as big in Holland as The Madd. Also on Hey Girl! but not announced on their website yet, is The Felines’ amazing debut 45 which I’ll write more about as soon as it’s actually released. For now, make do with the video for “Daddy Walk”. They’re playing in Malmö on Easter Sunday together with Thee Gravemen (and David Peter of the now defunct Wilde Sect DJing), so don’t miss out. I know the Royal Headache album is from last year, but I had to put “Down the Lane” on here in a feeble attempt to get it out of my head.


Paul Messis & Jessica Winter – As Nightmares Turn to Dreams State 7″
Outer Minds – Conversation Southpaw LP
De Keefmen – Wrong Kinda Place Kuriosa 7″
The Resonars – Long Long Thoughts Trouble In Mind 7″
Roommates – Kelly I’m Not a Creep Slumberland 7″
The Wrong Words – I Will Change Your Mind Trouble In Mind 7″
Royal Headache – Down the Lane R.I.P. Society LP
Estrogen Highs – Subtle Girl Southpaw 7″
Terry Malts – No Good For You Slumberland LP
Strawberry Whiplash – Everybody’s Texting Matinée CD
La Sera – Real Boy Hardly Art LP
The Monochrome Set – Waiting For Alberto Disquo Bleu CD
Les BOF! – Femme Impossible Copase Disques LP
Les Guillotines – L’Absinthe Croque Macadam 7″
The Felines – Daddy Walk Hey Girl! 7″
Pamela – I’m a Nobody Southpaw 7″
Colleen Green – Nice Boy (I Want a) Hardly Art 12″
Hollows – Strange Effect Trouble In Mind 7″
TacocaT – Volcano Hardly Art 7″
French Kissing – Wild Woman Croque Macadam 7″
Ketamines – Evil Intentions Southpaw LP
Radar Eyes – In Love HoZac LP