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Date: May 30th, 2016
Cate: graphic design, new releases

HYMN summer mix tape

Here’s a new tape I made for HYMN, spread over two sides. New sounds only!



Quilt – Hissing My Plea
Purson – The Way It IsLevitation Room – Reason Why
Holy Wave – You Should Lie
Bleached – Sleepwalking
Thee Oh Sees – Man In a Suitcase
Night Beats – Bad Love
The Missing Souls – Got to Have Your Lovin’
Curlee Wurlee! – Tu aimes les filles
Tacocat – Men Explain Things to Me
Feels – Bird’s Eye
The Creation Factory – Today’s Satisfaction
The Higher State – Break the News
The Hanging Stars – Ruby Red
Honey Radar – Coughing Cop
Easy Love – No One Like You



Eerie Wanda – There Aren’t Many Things
The Shivas – Whatever
The Turns – Window
Patience – The Church
Unloved – Guilty of Love
Woods – Can’t See At All
Naked Lights – Mechanical Eye
VHS – Addicted to the Clock
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard – Big Fig Wasp
Heavy Times – Choked Up
Slick! – I’m In Like With You
Puberty – Teenage Death
Boys Forever – Poisonous
Doug Tuttle – Falling to Believe
The Smoking Trees – Summer Sun


The photos are from  South Mission Rd and Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles respectively.

Date: December 15th, 2013
Cate: new releases

3 Compilations

I’m not sure about you, but I could think of better ways to pay tribute to the deceased Lou Reed than Macaulay Culkin’s pizza-themed re-recording of VU & Nico, as The Pizza Underground. To start with, Personal & the Pizzas already perfected that approach with their cheesy take on Ramones-style punk. Furthermore, the perfect tribute would have been The Velvet Underground and Nico by Castle Face and Friends that was released last year in cooperation with Universal, to mark the 45th anniversary of the iconic album. Not daunted by the perils of following such a project up however, Burger have just teamed up with Universal to deliver the equivalent full cover album of the Velvet’s second. Their White Light/White Heat is so far only available on cassette, but you can stream the entire thing online too. Most of the cuts are quite faithful, apart from Gap Dream’s synth-laden take on closing track “Sister Ray”. All in all it’s a very successful effort, and Lou doesn’t deserve any less.
It might seem like Burger have had a quiet autumn, with Gap Dream’s sophomore album being the only high-profile release. But after a little digging I found I’ve actually missed out on great records like the 2nd Goochi Boyz tape (remember I wrote about that almost exactly a year ago?), a couple psychedelic gems from Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel and Sitar Outreach Ministry, and of course the debut albums from Brooklyn’s Habibi and Holland’s Mozes & the Firstborn. Don’t be surprised if some of there turn up in my 2013 lists. On the comp side we’ve also seen the relese of the The Wiener Dog II tape, which I have ordered but not heard yet.
There are more great compilations coming soon, Castle Face have announced a third volume of the Group Flex flexidisc boxsets, and one you have to get for the holidays is Psych-Out Christmas. Looking at the tracklisting, it could have been curated by the Austin Psych-Fest folks (including contributions from Cosmonauts, Elephant Stone, The Fuzztones, Psychic Ills, Dead Meadow etc). But it actually comes from a label I’ve never heard of called Cleopatra, who seem to be an old goth imprint. Who cares, hear it on spotify.

Finally, there’s the New Centre of the Universe #2 from Anti Fade. The first one was one of the central comps of 2012, and Anti Fade also have some other releases from this year that are worth writing about, so keep an eye out. But this new tape (this time it’s also available on CD!!) features local acts like The Stevens, Housewives, The Sulphur Lights, Gooch Palms, Sewers and some familiar names like Terrible Truths, Bits of Shit, Straight Arrows and Cobwebbs. Surprisingly there’s nothing from new sensations Cuntz, or Los Tones who released their debut 45 on Groovie this year. Perhaps the most notable discovery is The Fighting League who deliver a straight powerpop knockout of a track. Listening through their only release Tropical Paradise, there’s absolutely no telling where that brilliance came from. Get it straight from Anti Fade HQ.

Date: December 18th, 2012
Cate: graphic design, Music

SIDE52B | 2012 Top 50


And here’s the second part of my 2012 mix, featuring the top 25 tracks I’ve heard for the first time this year. The only new song to make it on here is of course Pop Singles’ brilliant “All Gone” from the album with the same title. I’ve never actually heard The Troggs’ “Our Love Will Still Be There” until this year, although I’m well familiar with the cover done by The Bristols. Liam Watson is great at recreating 60s originals but in this case he couldn’t quite match the splendour of their fuzz-laced ballad. The exceptional cut by The Montanas has surprisingly gone unreleased until its inclusion on Rare Mod Vol. 3 (Acid Jazz, 2011) as the opening track. British outfit New York Public Library, at #2 here, have been comped on Ballroom Beat Vol. 2 and English Freakbeat Vol. 5. The top track is from what sounds like a teen garage group, and what gets me everytime is how the poorly recorded guitar manages to sound more menacing with every play. The Galabooches (or GalaBooChes as it says on the label scan I’ve found) were from Indiana and there are no auctions of their Staff 45 listed on Popsike. “It’ll Never Work Out” was comped on Garage Punk Unknowns #4. Check my previous post for #26-50, and hang in there for the top 15 lists of this years albums and singles.


25 Dana Gillespie – When Darkness Fell
24 The Troggs – Our Love Will Still Be There
23 The Avengers – Crying All Alone
22 Al McCarther – His True Love For You
21 The Satin Bells – Come C’mon
20 Rhonda Davis – Can You Remember
19 Pop Singles – All Gone
18 Gary Valentine – You (Wanted Me to Hang Around You)
17 Lewis Clark – I Need Your Lovin’ So Bad
16 The Pete Best Combo – I Can’t Do Without You Now
15 The Go – Tomorrow Night
14 The Innocents – One Way Love
13 The Roosters – She Sends Me
12 The Yo Yo’s – Gotta Find a New Love
11 Sunset Love – Reach Out
10 The New Order – Why Can’t I?
09 The Reasons Why – Tell Her One More Time
08 Velvet Seed – Sharon Patterson
07 The Rose Garden – Long Time
06 The Initial Shock – You’ve Been a Long Time Coming
05 The Sweets – Satisfy Me Baby
04 The Montanas – Open the Door
03 Betty Lloyd – I’m Catching On
02 New York Public Library – Got to Get Away
01 The Galaboochees – It’ll Never Work Out

Date: December 11th, 2012
Cate: graphic design, Music

SIDE52A | 2012 Top 50

Last year I did a DJ set of the best 50 songs I had heard that year. This year, it’s a mix in two parts instead. Unfortunately seem to have changed their service to an image hosting/gallery thing, but for now I’ll continue to use it for mixes. You’ll have to download the tracks seperately though, so bear with me. The mix is ordered from #50 to #1, and the top 25 won’t be revealed until later.

The mix also exists on C90 tape, which you can get a copy of at the next club night on the 21st of December! Of course, the tape only fits 34 tracks or so, but you’ll get the added joy of more even mastering and about 100 mouse clicks less. Side A features about 4 songs released this year, but I think that’s pretty good going considering they’ve had to compete with newly discovered songs from the last 50 years. Let the countdown begin.


50 The Contents Are – I Don’t Know
49 The Resonars – I Didn’t Feel So Cold Then
48 Start – No Direction
47 The Zombies – I Don’t Want to Know
46 Dee Edwards – You Say You Love Me
45 The Bats – Got a Girl
44 Lawson & Four More – Halfway Down the Stairs
43 Jo & Jenny’s Group – Un Santone Indiano
42 Missing Monuments – Another Girl
41 Evil – Short Life
40 The Rovin’ Kind – Right On Time
39 The Secrets – Here I Am
38 Cosmonauts – Lazerbeam
37 The Parakeets – I Love You Like I Do
36 The Carnabeats – Chu! Chu! Chu!
35 Thane Russal & Three – Your Love Is Burning Me
34 Marlina Mars – I’m Gonna Hold On
33 The Ricochettes – Losing You
32 Bobby Saint Clair – Fool That I Am
31 The Inner Mystiques – Don’t Worry, Don’t Cry
30 The Doughboys – Everybody Knows My Name
29 The Commands – No Time For You
28 The Lil’ Boys Blue – Take You Away
27 The Whatt Four – You’re Wishin’ I Was Someone Else
26 Reatha Reese – Only Lies

Date: August 25th, 2011
Cate: graphic design, Music

SIDE18 | summer tape | side b

And here is the b-side of the summer tape. Record it to a cassette and play it loud! If you can’t read vertically, here’s the playlists (and for the benefit of search engines):


Useless Eaters – Take Advantage of Me
Rodriguez – No Money
Manic Attracts – Feels Like I’m Dead
The Ninjas – In and Out
Christmas Island – Ex-Beach
Cults – Never Heal Myself
Gerri Thomas – Look What I Got
Rod & Carolyn – I Got You On My Mind
M.G. & The Escorts – Please Don’t Ever Change
John Hatton & The Devotions – I’m Gonna Stay
The Beatpack – The Time and the Pleasure
New Math – Die Trying
Direct Hits – Soul Shoes
The Jasmine Minks – Misery
The Sea Urchins – A Morning Odyssey
De Keefmen – I Wanna Tell Her
The Wrong Words – Here’s Where You Belong
The Searchers – I’ll Be Missing You

Date: August 20th, 2011
Cate: graphic design, new releases, rediscovered

SIDE18 | summer tape | side a

Summer is almost over here, so it’s about time I posted the mixtape I made for this summer. It works equally well at the beach as in the convertible! Here is the first side, the other is coming soon as well as the back cover


White Wires – Let’s Go to the Beach
The Wax Museums – Between
Bleached – You Take Time
The Shivvers – When I Was Younger
The Pop – Wait a Minute
The Goldstar Brothers – You Can’t
Tony & Terri – Take Me With You
Mary McCarthy – You Know He Did
The Traits – Too Good to Be True
Mike Leslie – Right Or Wrong
The San Franciscans – If You Lie
Sea Lions – My Girl
Peach Kelli Pop – Not Your Girl
Bitch School – I’ll Be Good to You
The Resonars – Six Daisy Neckchain
The Smithereens – Strangers When We Meet
Ups & Downs – I Wonder
Beverly Shaffer – Where Will You Be Boy?