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Date: January 3rd, 2017
Cate: new releases

Top singles and EPs of 2016


I have to admit I haven’t listened to or bought as many 45s this year as the last. If you don’t order them straight away it is getting increasingly difficult to keep track of releases and finding a copy before they are sold out. Spotify is useless for singles and many smaller artists aren’t even bothered with it. Instead, I have found most of these on Bandcamp, or Youtube even. Shivas’ “I’ve Had Enough” is really the standout track of the year for me, since it simply has everything I require of a pop song. At number 2 we have a mini-album from Vexx,  which is simply amazing – but also points towards another trend: the ever more diffuse border between what is a single and what is an EP/12″. Since many releases don’t even have a physical format it is also becoming less important to make that distinction. I, however, maintain that albums have to be at least 20 minutes and/or contain 6 or more songs. Some records and tapes on this list have indeed been on other people’s albums list, eg. Peach Fuzz stunning debut cassette. I would also like to congratulate my friend, and owner of Not Unloved, for getting back into the record-releasing business. The label’s first release, by Glasgow group Vital Idles, is sitting pretty at #25.

01 The Shivas – I’ve Had Enough Casino Trash 7”
02 Vexx – Wild Hunt M’Lady’s 12”
03 C.C.T.V. – Piece of Paper and Audiocassette Tape Cristi Califoni MC
04 Peach Fuzz – s/t Dumpster MC
05 Heart Beach – Counting Rough Skies 7”
06 Sheer Mag – III Static Shock EP
07 Straight Arrows – Turn Me Off Rice Is Nice 7”
08 The Side Eyes – s/t Burger MC
09 Snail Mail – Habit EP Sister Polygon MC
10 Soft Candy – Bixarre Luv Pyramids Hozac 7”
11 Scully – No Sense Burger EP
12 The Ar-Kaics – It’s Not My World Goodbye Boozy 7”
13 CC Dust – Shinkansen No. 1 Night School 7”
14 Le Villejuif Underground – Heavy Black Matter Born Bad EP
15 Pleasers – Such a Fool Goodbye Boozy 7”

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Date: February 4th, 2015
Cate: rediscovered

Todo Gira sampler 2015

Todo Gira sampler 2015 by Record Turnover on Mixcloud

Some new swinging records you’ll hear me spinning soon.

Date: June 30th, 2013
Cate: new releases

Warm Soda & The Living Eyes

warm soda

Warm Soda are heading out on a European tour, which sadly does not reach Scandinavia. But, they have a new single out for this tour, courtesy of Italian label Goodbye Boozy. It couples what could be two of their finest songs to date, recorded in slightly softer, acoustic approach. “This Changes Everything” can be heard below, and go here to check out the a-side “Tell Me In a Whisper”.

Also out on Goodbye Boozy now, is a new single from The Living Eyes, whose debut LP I wrote about recently. “Eat It Up” is produced by Owen from Straight Arrows (who released a great single on the same label last year). Below is the b-side “Mass Assumption”, Geelong garage punk at its best.

And, while you’re on Goodbye Boozy’s soundcloud, don’t forget to check out nearly as fresh single “Midnight Stains” from Brooklyn’s great punk band Livids.

Date: November 16th, 2012
Cate: new releases

Straight Arrows

Straight Arrows from Sydney deserve to be remembered for their 2010 album It’s Happening, which I hope you’ve all heard. But if you, as I, have missed the fact that they released two singles prior to that (in 2007-2008), then the new 7″ on Anti Fade is most welcome news. It compiles those four tracks, the original releases of which are sold out. The sound here is even more classic garage than on their Rice Is Nice LP. The opening barrage of “Can’t Count 1-22″ makes me think of The Wailers’ “Out of Our Tree” but recorded on a dictaphone. “Something Happens” became one the centerpieces on their LP in a newer cleaned-up version. The band waste no time on “Jeepster” and “Close That Door” either, which are their most punk recordings (perhaps not surprising considering they’re from a split with The Creteens).

But Straight Arrows aren’t just retrospectively on the cards, they are believe it or not back, with a new single on Goodbye Boozy. As usual with the Italian label, these come in three different covers limited to 100 copies each. “All the Time” is a real pounder of an a-side, and you can hear it in the latest podcast (here, or check 2 posts down). Both sides are on soundcloud, here below is the flip which is a bit less psych and more punk, with crashing cymbals throughout.

Date: October 26th, 2011
Cate: new releases

Straight Arrows & more

I admit I haven’t kept up with the Australians bands since my obsession last year, mainly with The Frowning Clouds. But the new track from Reading Rainbow (“Dead End”, one of their best yet) got me started again, since it’s one side of a recent Hozac Hookup Club split with Australian duo Super Wild Horses. I still haven’t been able to find out what the SWH side is called, but it compelled me to check up how some of the other great current Aussie groups were doing.

Not only do The Frowning Clouds have their second album out soon, but the first 7″ off it is already here. It’s called “All Night Long” and is a fab raver, coupled with the more sombre “Dame a Dozen”. Can’t decide which one I like best! Zac has recently recorded an album with a new trio called The Bonniwells. He sings and plays the drums on Unprofitable Servant, which is a decidedly more trashy album than Listen Closelier. It doesn’t seem to have garnered much attention but is well worth checking out both for the originals and the covers of e.g. “We’re Pretty Quick” (changed to “We’re Pretty Sick”).

Also out with a new single are Melbourne lo-fi belters Woollen Kits. “Maths” is available from RIP Society and you can watch a video for the great a-side here. They also have a cassette ep coming out soon on Fan Death. Above is a photo from their instore gig at Repressed Records in Newtown, with Super Wild Horses (from Christophlr on Flickr).

The best new Australian band I’ve heard apart from The UV Race is by far Straight Arrows. Their first album It’s Happening came out already last year, but the band just went on their first US tour. The album is full of well-written songs that are obviously garage with all the right influences, but without being tied down by a compulsive authenticity drive. The 24-minute-long record is out on Rice Is Nice and I’m really looking forward to hearing what they cook up next.