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Date: June 3rd, 2014
Cate: graphic design, Music

Shadows Reflected


Me and Lauren decided to do one fourth and last Shadows & Reflections event, again under the auspices of Ode to Joy and in one of Malmö’s biggest venues Moriska Paviljongen. I’ve now got the Action RSD box set, so the hunt for “Shadows and Reflections” is over anyway, and we’ve got a new name for future nights. The last S&R happened last month, and it was great fun – thank you everyone who turned up.

Date: June 3rd, 2014
Cate: graphic design, Music

Todo Gira


After playing with Marcus at Shadows & Reflections and his own Radio Syd club night, we decided to try putting on our on night. The result was Todo Gira, named after the Los Impala song, and we’ve already done two nights that I, unfortunately, haven’t had the time to update you about. But here at last is the details for our next, and third happening. This time the flyer features Dutch mod icon Bonnie St. Claire. Below are the two first flyers, one featuring a still from Bertolucci’s Partner with Tina Aumont.

Here’s a promo playlist I made for the first event: Todo Gira on Spotify.



Date: December 26th, 2013
Cate: rediscovered, web

2013 in review

2013 has been a really good year. I completed two internships, got a fulltime position, started a Masters degree in design, and was awarded a bursary for that. I’ve learnt a lot about what I’m good at and worked on some inspiring projects for Dansk Industri, Lundbeck and many more. You can already read about some of them on e-Types new website, which was launched a week ago. It’s been an important year for e-Types too, not only because they’ve got a new virtual home. Two employees have left to set up a new agency together with ex-Kontrapunkt folk, called AM, we wish them the best of luck! Sister agency India have now changed name to e-Types Daily, and together with Playtype are now all under the same roof at Currently it’s only featuring news items, with the full cases being added in come January. Before then you won’t be able to check out the brilliant arrow key navigation. But if you head over there now you will however be able to read some copy I have written, including the headline on the main page. This is the splash screen, that will change over time.

Skærmbillede 2013-12-26 kl. 00.39.03

Musically it’s been as good as any year. I’ve tried launching a new club night called Shadows & Reflections together with my friend Lauren, and although we haven’t found a permanent home yet, I think it’s been successful. My highlight of the year was definintely going to the Double Sight weekender in Glasgow, and also doing a half-hour set there. I’ve got some of my top wants this year, here are my favourite purchases:

Früt of the Loom – One Hand In the Darkness Loom
The Other Four – Once and For All Girl P.L.A.Y.
Chapter II – East of My Place Philips
Lydia Marcelle – The Girl He Needs Manhattan
The Avengers – Crying All Alone Mr Genius
The Rogues – And You Let Her Pass By Decca
The Sparklings – Now It’s Your Turn to Cry 7 Up
George Cash  – The Phantom of My Past Philips
Tony’s Defenders – Waiting For a Call From You Columbia
Charlotte & Emily – Love Not Have I New Voice
Something Young – Oh Don’t Come Crying Back to Me Fontana
The Girls – My Baby Capitol
Cinquetti – Πάντα Κοντά Μου Pan-Vox

The best gigs I have seen in 2013 have by far been Night Beats, Bad Sports and Cosmonauts in Sweden, Jacco Gardner and Dead Ghosts in Denmark. Something that I’ve left out of my Top 15s of albums and singles are reissues. There have been a few this year that deserve a mention:

Clothilde – French Swinging Mademoiselle 1967 Born Bad LP
Los Brincos – Contrabando él CD
Neo Boys – Sooner Or Later K Records 2LP
Adrian Lloyd – Lorna Sundazed RSD 45
Denise & Co. – Boy What’ll You Do Then Big Beat 45
Beachwoods Sparks – Desert Skies Alive LP
The Human Expression – Love at Psychedelic Velocity Mississippi/Change LP
Anonymous – Inside the Shadow Machu Picchu LP
Quarteto Nova Era – Apolo EP Groovie 45
Tandyn Almer – Along Comes Tandyn Sundazed LP

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Date: November 24th, 2013
Cate: graphic design



The second Shadows & Reflections club night went past quietly last week. Me and Lauren had a fantastic time together with Marcus Cawood (The Gabb, Flipside), and we’re hoping to do something together next year since Marcus’ night Klubb Radio Syd probably won’t be happening anymore. I got a chance to play some new purchases, and here’s my set:

Charlotte & Emily – Love Not Have I
The Avengers – No Wonder
Neal Ford & The Fanatics – Bitter Bells
The Fifth Order – Goin’ Too Far
The Shades – When You Said Goodbye
The Richard Kent Style – All Good Things
The Sharpees – Do the “45
Bob Morrison – Hey! Puppet Man
The Daughters of Eve – Help Me Boy
The Great Scots – The Light Hurts My Eyes
Paul Messis – Sowing Seeds
The Kirkbys – It’s a Crime
The Neumans – Fuzz Filled Dreams
The Flock – Hold On to My Mind
Früt of the Loom – One Hand In Darkness
The Knack – Time Waits For No One
The Guards – Let Me Go Home
The Mockingbirds – That’s How (It’s Gonna Stay)
Young Blood – Green Light
Adrian Lloyd – Lorna
The Fifth Estate – Tomorrow Is My Turn
The Odyssey – Little Girl, Little Boy
Antoine Et Les Problemes – Dodecaphonie
Chapter II – East of My Place
Diana – Eu gosto dele
The Denims – I’m Your Man
Tony’s Defenders – Waiting For a Call From You
Clay Hammond – Dance Little Girl

My next set will be in two weeks time at the e-Types christmas party. Can’t wait to play my George Cash and Sparklings 45s!

Date: July 22nd, 2013
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Projected turnover


In a few months Record Turnover will be turning 3 years old. After summer I will retire Record Turnover as a club night, to focus on collecting vinyl – mainly 60s beat, garage, psych and northern soul 45s. It will continue as a blog about music/art/design and of course there will be podcasts and reviews of new music. As I will have less time to write extensively, more will happening on the Record Turnover facebook page, and our soundcloud profile. Please follow both!

As a dj I will continue with both the Dance Parlance and the Shadows & Reflections concepts, in various venues. They have proved to be a lot more fun and appreciated.

Date: July 16th, 2013
Cate: graphic design, Music

Shadows & Reflections


Finally it’s time for the first proper Shadows & Reflections club night. This is taking place in Malmö on Saturday, together with another club, Ode to Joy. Three dance floors at Moriskan, and we’ll be occupying one of them. It’s usually 100 SEK to get in and me and Lauren will be playing until 3am. Don’t miss this one, and check out our spotify list! Photo by Ilya Bukirev.

Shadows & Reflections
July 20
Klubb Ode to Joy @ Moriskan
20yrs/100 SEK

Date: March 25th, 2013
Cate: graphic design, Music
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Good Friday approaches fast, and with it a new start of sorts. There’s already been a Record Turnover night at På Besök this month, but on Friday me and Lauren Miller are launching a new venture called Shadows & Reflections. Hopefully it will be successful enough to let us move on to bigger dancefloors, spinning top sixties garage, psych and freakbeat sounds. As my 45 collection grows slowly but steadily I’m feeling ready to play a proper set from vinyl that will still be great to dance to. I’m inspired in doing so by legendary local night The Gabb, and just like at that club you’ll be treated to a mix of garage, mod and northern soul. We’d love to be able invite international djs later on. Dress sharp.

We’ve put together a teaser playlist on spotify, which you can enjoy via the button below.