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Date: May 30th, 2016
Cate: rediscovered

SIDE 77 | A Is an Alphabet Pt. Y

Here’s the next installment of alphabet soup, now artists and groups starting with the letter Y. X will follow shortly – although it was a pain to compile. Starting with one of the first tunes to feature ‘fuzz’ guitar – Beach Boys’ “Little Honda” performed by the masters of fuzz Yo La Tengo.

Date: May 2nd, 2016
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

SIDE 76 | A Is an Alphabet Pt. Z

We’re approaching #100, so I thought, what could be better than dedicating the last 25 numbers to the 25 letters of the alphabet? I’ve introduced a new series of lists on HYMN, compiling songs by artists and bands on each letter. Starting at the end, since X, Y, and Z are always the hardest – I present Part Z here.

The concept is that I simply browse though my folders of music files on my old harddrive and pick songs from each letter – stuff that I haven’t heard in a while or things that may be of interest to the general public. Check out the article on HYMN for the full tracklisting, including comments on each song (in Swedish).

Date: October 7th, 2015
Cate: graphic design, new releases

SIDE70 | podcast

Here’s the latest podcast from me, uploaded a couple of weeks ago actually. It features a bunch of new tracks from bands like Drinks (Tim Presley & Cate Le Bon), new faves C.C.T.V. (Coneheads off-shoot), Raw Nerves and Salad Boys outta New Zealand, lots of Aussie goodness, Destruction Unit (whom I am watching in Sweden tonight) and an amazing track from a new Fungi Girls tapes full of outtakes from the band’s short existence.


Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp – Alternator
Drinks – Cannon Mouth
C.C.T.V. – Anxiety
Fungi Girls – Casino Dance
The Raw Nerves – I Love This Town
Radioactivity – Silent Kill
The Barreracudas – Cut Me Loose
Salad Boys – Bow to Your New Sensation
Totally Mild – Work It Out
Blank Realm – Palace of Love
Ducktails – Into the Sky
Sonny & the Sunsets – Baby Jokin
Empat Lima – Epic Mountain Song
Terrible Truths – Sink Or Swim
Hierophants – 321
Ghetto Ghouls – Right Hand
Uniform – Faces
Black Panties – Hot Tub Livin
Destruction Unit – If Death Ever Slept
Flesh World – Your Love Is Like a House
Love of Diagrams – Racing
Kitchen’s Floor – Down
Buck Biloxi and the Fucks – Right Down the Street
Primitive Parts – Rented Houses
The Loons – Out of the Frame
Jessie Jones – Twelve Hour Man
Angie – Ricky Street

Date: August 10th, 2015
Cate: rediscovered

White Fence vs. Woods

Here’s a promotional mix for the Way Out West festival in Gothenburg, where Woods and White Fence are playing this week. Originally put together for an article on HYMN.

One song from each album by these groups, personal favourites.

Afraid of What It’s Worth For the Recently Found Innocent (2014)
New Edinburgh Cyclops Reap (2013)
Take Away Life’s Endless Take Family Perfume Vol. 1 (2012)
Real Smiles Family Perfume Vol. 2 (2012)
And By Always Is Growing Faith (2011)
Sara Snow White Fence (2010)

Broke How to Survive In + In the Woods (2006)
Be Still At Rear House (2007)
Twisted Tongue Woods Family Creeps (2008)
Gypsy Hand Songs of Shame (2009)
Death Rattles At Echo Lake (2010)
Hand It Out Sun and Shade (2011)
Size Meets the Sound Bend Beyond (2012)
Twin Steps With Light & With Love (2014)

Date: August 9th, 2015
Cate: graphic design, new releases

SIDE 68 | podcast


The Record Turnover podcast is back, and long overdue. That’s why this one is a round-up of some of the best garage and punk releases of the year so far. Some great albums and singles have come out this spring, on labels like State, Castle Face, Burger of course, Randy, Trouble In Mind, Hozac and Famous Class. Two bands to watch are The Magnetic Mind who are one of the most promising new garage/psych acts from the UK (along with The Exploding Sound Machine), and Thing which is a new project from Reatards-member and Lover! main man Rich Crook. La Luz have released a new LP this month, and Negative Scanner and Sheer Mag I have already written about here or on HMYN. A review of the amazing Uh Bones LP is coming soon as well!

Uh Bones – Loretta
The Living Eyes – Bad Example
The High Learys – I’m a Fool For You
The Baron Four – Walking Out
La Luz – I’ll Be True
The Magnetic Mind – When The Morning Comes
Negative Scanner – Criticism
Nervosas – The Well
Black Time – Black Chant
No Joy – Remember Nothing
Zig Zags – Gröth
Thee Oh Sees – Turned Out Light
The Optic Nerve – Here to Stay
The BellTowers – You Never Know
The Zoltars – Movies
Hinds – Between Cans
Thing – Outta Control
Nancy – Holiday
Magic Jake and the Power Crystals – Boys and Girls
Golden Pelicans – Last Street Fighter
Sheer Mag – Button Up
The Splits – Melody
The Achtungs – I Don’t Care About You
Melted – Pepper and Milk
Wand – Flesh Tour

Date: March 16th, 2015
Cate: rediscovered

Klubb Radio Syd guest mix

Reaction dec 2005 (live mixdown) by Record Turnover on Mixcloud

This contribution comes from Marcus Cawood and was put up to promote last week’s Radio Syd in Malmö, the first in 2015 and the last at longtime venue Moriska Paviljongen. The music is an edited live mixdown from Cawood’s old club Reaction. I went to this particular night 10 years ago, when Alessandro (Lavarone Mod Holiday) was the guest DJ, and last week Alessandro came down from Gothenburg to play again. It was an amazing set, if perhaps not as well attended as that night at Panora. The venue known as Panora back then closed years ago, but a couple of weeks ago the new Panora cinema opened a few blocks from where I live. This time the venue does not include a club room, sadly.

The mix in itself is edited down from the full 4 hour set. There are few dropouts here and there, due to microphone action. I hope you can put up with that, because it’s a brilliant set with many classics of the scene, then as now.

Date: February 4th, 2015
Cate: rediscovered

Todo Gira sampler 2015

Todo Gira sampler 2015 by Record Turnover on Mixcloud

Some new swinging records you’ll hear me spinning soon.

Date: December 7th, 2014
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

Four By Four | the MOD-EST sampler mix

Here’s a mix me, Joakim, David and Alessandro made for the MOD-EST weekender, now approaching fast. We picked 4 tracks each, my selections are Beautiful Garden, Del-Vetts, Karo and The Koobas of course. I’m very proud that this mix made it to #4 in the Mixcloud Garage chart (contrary to what is says on the Mixcloud page) and #13 in the RnB chart, during the 7 days that new mixes are trending.

Four By Four: A MOD-EST Sampler by Record Turnover on Mixcloud

Read all about the event, and get your tickets via the link at

Date: August 9th, 2014
Cate: Music

SIDE 67 | podcast


If you’re following me on Mixcloud and 8tracks, you will already have heard this mix. It made it a few months ago, containing then-new music. The most exciting new band I’ve heard in a while are Wand, produced by Ty Segall. Looking forward to new Satelliters and Allah-Las albums. The Neumans album is soon to be out as well!


Wand – Screaming Eye
Ty Segall – Music For a Film 1
Thee Tsunamis – Psycho
TV Freaks – Lose It
Big Tits – Ex-Repeater
The Black Angels – Sunday Evening
Heaters – Lowlife
Hysterics – Cruisin’ At the Show
The Satelliters – When I’m In-Between
Thee Oh Sees – Camera
Ultras S/C – My Own Microphone
Woods – Leaves Like Glass
Ex Hex – Hot and Cold
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Alluda Majaka
Radar Eyes – Positive Feedback
The Movements – Ingenting kommer ur ingenting
The Husbands – I Idolize You
De Keefmen – Freezin’
Chain and the Gang – Crime Don’t Pay
Allah-Las – Had It All
La Sera – Losing To The Dark
CCR Headcleaner – Steal the Light

Date: June 3rd, 2014
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

SIDE66 | podcast


I made a new mix, for the Soulin’ nightclub in Malmö. Needless to say it features selected cuts from my collection of soul. Enjoy!

SIDE66 by Record Turnover on Mixcloud