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Date: November 17th, 2015
Cate: rediscovered

SIDE72 | mix


’83 In ’05 was the title of a song released by Pants Yell! in 2005, but it was of course originally called ’83 In ’03 – detailing the life of Creation Records boss Alan McGee in 1983. These days a lot of people have been participating in a ‘7 songs in 7 days’ meme on facebook, telling everyone about some important and formative music throughout their lives. Fortunately, no one has nominated me for this meme yet. But it has made me think a little about favourite bands I’ve had earlier in my life.

I guess it started at the age of 10, when I bought my first LP. It was a Doors compilation featuring “Peace Frog” any many other great tracks, and I just loved hearing it through the massive (as I thought at the time) speakers in my parents’ living room. This soon led me on to my first favourite band Led Zeppelin, and from there to The Ramones and later Primal Scream. I purchased my first guitar at 16 and learnt pretty much every Belle & Sebastian song on the Sinister forum. The next five or so years I probably wrote about 50 songs, with the main inspiration being Felt. As I found out around that time, Primal Scream had initially been a punk version of The Byrds.

I became increasingly interested in similar bands from around 1985-86, that were sort of a half-breed with one foot in the 60s style and fashion one in punk confrontation. There really wasn’t much difference between the mod and garage revival bands that started popping up and the indie bands that were lumped together as C86 – after a giveaway NME cassette. They all shared a love for guitar-based popular music, and I started to get immersed in Rickenbacker, Vox, Burns and Selmer equipment. Eventually, I wrote my first academic essay about that tape, and attended the 20th anniversary gigs at the ICA in London – where I met many of my idols (including Lawrence Hayward, Johnny Johnson, Phil Wilson and Harvey Williams).

Eventually, I had ploughed through the most obscure record labels, one-off 45s, flexis and demos. After that I concentrated on the 60s scene and listened much more to soul and psychedelic music. And that is still where I am today. But recently I’ve bought some singles I never got around picking up back then, and I suspect there will be a DJ set of 80s indie before long. Until then I’ve made a playlist of some of my favourite songs of that era, right up to The Stone Roses, who – along with britpop – became the end result of all that independent flurry of activity. And after them it all went mainstream I guess. This year is also the 30-year mark for many of these indie releases, as well as being my 30th year on this planet. Last year the C86 compilation was reissued as a 3CD set and The Guardian published an article about the original tape.

Click the icon below to access the playlist, featuring many artists who appeared on my erstwhile radio show The Rain Fell Down, which was named after a song by Jesse Garon & the Desperadoes. That song is not available (unsurprisingly), so I’ve picked another one by them to start things off. After that, “Don’t Die On My Doorstep” by Felt, which was the name of my first club night, started in 2007. Louis Philippe’s “Heaven Is Above My Head” then became the name of my blog. There’s The Sea Urchins too, naturally, who are pictured above. 30 tracks in total, not covering 30 years but definitely the 85-90 period.



Date: July 29th, 2015
Cate: rediscovered

Burger Mix


Did you make a #burgermix yet? Here’s one I made a Wednesday a couple of weeks ago, of some favourites from their catalogue. Check out the Fast Company interview with the Burger founders here. Making it big, they are!

Date: December 23rd, 2014
Cate: new releases

2014 in reverse

While I am compiling the year-end lists for 2014, I’ll be adding records to this Spotify list. I realise there has been a lot of stuff I’ve missed this year, so it’s taking some time to catch up. There has even been a pile of records I have meant to write about during the autumn, but I simply haven’t found the time. This means that next year I will probably switch to more bitesize mentions of records to check out rather than full reviews – so you hopefully won’t miss as much as I have in 2014. Just looking at this playlist, which already contains over 600 tracks, we can definitely conclude that this year has been as great as any year for new music.

2014 a playlist in reverse

If you want a quick catch up, you should read Shake Appeal’s guest lists of 2014, a veritable who’s who of current garage and punk. Pitchfork’s new column Shake Appeal has actually been the lone reason to land on their website again, circa 10 years after it stopped being cool.

Date: March 10th, 2014
Cate: Music

Radio Syd


Last weekend I was invited to DJ at Malmö’s premier 60s night, Klubb Radio Syd. Along with resident Marcus Cawood I was also joined by Johanna (who used to run Club Flipside together with Marcus). It was a real honour, and here’s what I played:

Flavor – Heart Teaser Columbia
The Autographs – I Can Do It Okeh
Toni McCann – Saturday Date Zodiac
Los Bohemios – Dame tu cariño Hispavox
Wanderléa – Vou Lhe Contar CBS
Clara Ward – The Right Direction MGM
Gary Walker – You Don’t Love Me CBS
Furia – Furia BP
The Dream – Rebellion Milkcow
Jason Knight – Our Love Is Getting Stronger Pye 2nd
Double Feature – Baby Get Your Head Screwed On Deram
George Cash – The Phantom of My Past Philips
Los Shakers – Break It All Odeon
Ian & the Zodiacs – No Money, No Honey Philips
The Crazy Boys – Si credile Durium
Debra Swisher – You’re So Good To Me Boom
The Dave Clark Five – I’m Thinking Epic
? & the Mysterians – “8” Teen London
Amanda Humphrey – Power of Love USA
East River Drive – Hard Way to Go Mainstream
The Left Banke – Lazy Day Smash
The Tidal Wave – Searching For Love Buddha
The Plagues – I’ve Been Through It Before Quarantined
The Kinks – Come On Now Pye
Joey Dee & the New Starlighters – How Can I Forget You Caneil
The Evil – From a Curbstone Florida Archive
The Choir – It’s Cold Outside Roulette
Gonn – Don’t Need You’re Lovin’ Dirty Water
The Yo Yo’s – Gotta Find a New Love Goldwax

We also put together a spotify list with some of the tracks we play.
The next night is this Saturday with Sebastian (The Gabb) on the guest decks.

Date: December 28th, 2013
Cate: graphic design, new releases

SIDE62 | 2013:50


Here’s a spotify playlist featuring 50 tracks from some of the best releases of 2013, or at least the ones available through their service. If you can guess the background album cover used here I’ll send you a link to the playlist featuring ALL those releases in full, in case you can’t be bothered to compile it yourself.

Date: April 4th, 2011
Cate: Music
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Don’t stop mod

New style icon at Record Turnover: Graham Gouldman, Mockingbird and songwriter extraordinaire (The Yardbirds and The Hollies are only two of the bands he provided with material). Below is my playlist from the mod themed Friday Casual night last week. A fairly wide interpretation of it, but as it was said on Friday, that Saturday’s Children single sounds so much like The Hollies! For an overview of the original, soul side of mod, check out DJ and soul fan Randy Cozens’ Mod Top 100. Not surprisingly, someone made it into a 4-part download several years ago, and it’s still around.

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Date: February 14th, 2011
Cate: new releases

On the Way

Sometimes it’s a good thing to check P. Trash’s on the way page. For example I just learnt that a new Cheveu album came out a few weeks ago, on French label Born Bad. It’s more diverse than their first record, but has a few fantastic songs on. The best one comes with a video too.

It’s definitely looking up for French music – after the release of the Les Bellas  LP ex-members The Limiñanas return with a new 7″ on the legendary SDZ label: “AF 3458″ b/w “Betty and Johnny” (no release date yet). I’ve also heard rumours of an upcoming LP on HoZac.

I’ll play more French garage, and definitely some Cheveu, at the next Record Turnover club night on Thursday. We’ve got a guest set from Marcus Cawood (Flipside) and it will be a great night – already looking forward to it despite my marathon DJ set at the La Sera gig last week. If you care to see it, the full playlist from that is below.

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Date: November 21st, 2010
Cate: Music

Yesterday’s Dawn

Thank you everyone who turned up yesterday and made the last Don’t Die On My Doorstep a memorable event. Photos of Top Sound and Death and Vanilla in the Flickr set the image above will take you to. See the full playlist below.

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