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Date: May 30th, 2016
Cate: graphic design, new releases

HYMN summer mix tape

Here’s a new tape I made for HYMN, spread over two sides. New sounds only!



Quilt – Hissing My Plea
Purson – The Way It IsLevitation Room – Reason Why
Holy Wave – You Should Lie
Bleached – Sleepwalking
Thee Oh Sees – Man In a Suitcase
Night Beats – Bad Love
The Missing Souls – Got to Have Your Lovin’
Curlee Wurlee! – Tu aimes les filles
Tacocat – Men Explain Things to Me
Feels – Bird’s Eye
The Creation Factory – Today’s Satisfaction
The Higher State – Break the News
The Hanging Stars – Ruby Red
Honey Radar – Coughing Cop
Easy Love – No One Like You



Eerie Wanda – There Aren’t Many Things
The Shivas – Whatever
The Turns – Window
Patience – The Church
Unloved – Guilty of Love
Woods – Can’t See At All
Naked Lights – Mechanical Eye
VHS – Addicted to the Clock
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard – Big Fig Wasp
Heavy Times – Choked Up
Slick! – I’m In Like With You
Puberty – Teenage Death
Boys Forever – Poisonous
Doug Tuttle – Falling to Believe
The Smoking Trees – Summer Sun


The photos are from  South Mission Rd and Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles respectively.

Date: January 1st, 2016
Cate: Music

SIDE 73 | Mind Gardens

Here’s the latest mix from me, featuring some 12-string favourites – a bit more heavy on the folk side than my Bitter Bells series, which featured 12-string garage 45s. Some of these were mastered by Colin Mason – thanks! The cover features an sculpture by Finnish artist Jiri Geller.


The Rose Garden – If My World Falls Through
Sunset Love – Reach Out
The Penthouse 5 – You’re Always Around
The Byrds – It’s No Use
Dennis & The Times – Flight Patterns
Jan Ashton – Cold Dreary Morning
The Us – How Can I Tell Her
The Tikis – Darkest Night of the Year
Modern Folk Quintet – If All You Think
The All Nite Flight – Here I Stand
The Girls – Here I Am In Love Again
The Mojo Men – You Didn’t Even Say Goodbye
The Ashes – Dark On You Now
Velvet Seed – Sharon Patterson
The Contents Are – In Trouble
Ill Wind – Waking In the Water
Charity Shayne – Ain’t It Babe
Linda Pierre King – Hard Lovin’ Babe
The Trodden Path (miscredited) – In This World I Need Love
Blackburn & Snow – Stranger In a Strange Land
The Hustlers – Destination Nowhere
The Roosters – She Sends Me
Sandy Coast – I’m a Fool
The Night Flight – To Color Turn
The WordD – Today Is Just Tomorrow’s Yesterday
Neighb’rhood Childr’n – I Need Love
The Hollies – So Lonely
The Choir – Don’t Change Your Mind
The Gremlins – The Only Thing On My Mind
The Kirkbys – Don’t You Want Me No More

Date: October 20th, 2015
Cate: Music

SIDE 71 | G100 pt. 3


Here’s the third part of the Garage 100 – the most collectible US garage singles ever. Download via the link (I noticed the link for the previous volume was incorrect, so I’ve fixed that now). This one includes the mighty Fly-Bi-Nites, who were (somehow) featured on an episode of Mad Men. Also included is a personal favourite, The Page Boys, the other side of whose 45 was included in my Bitter Bells series.

51 The Spades – You’re Gonna Miss Me Zero C-10002 A (We Sell Soul)
52 The Beethoven Four – I’m Leaving Today Don Lee 0003 A (Oh Pretty Baby)
53 The Hatfields – When She Returns Cha Cha C-754 B (Yes I Do)
54 The Fugitives – No Tease no label 6606213 A (Lonely Girl)
55 The Dovers – She’s Gone Miramar 118 A (What Am I Gonna Do)
56 The Riots – I Can Go On no label 171456 A (You’re My Baby)
57 The Few – Escape Maestro M93028 A (Why Oh Why)
58 The Human Expression – Optical Sound Accent 1226 B (Calm Me Down)
59 The Nomads – Time Remains J&S 1002 A (I Want You Back)
60 The Headstones – 24 Hours (Everyday) Pharaoh P147 A (Wish You Were Mine)
61 Fifth Row Bac – Please Don’t Go Graves GRS 1100 A (Destination Train)
62 The Savoys – Can It Be Summit 403 A (Now She’s Left Me)
63 The Wanderers – Higher Education Texas Record Company TRC 2067 A (I Feel So Blue)
64 Thursday’s Children – Dominoes International Artists 110 A (Air Conditioned Man)
65 The Vectors – What In the World Analysis S-4323 A (It’s Been A Day Or Two)
66 Sounds Unlimited – Cool One Swal 7-7877 A (To Be In Love)
67 The Spiders – Don’t Blow Your Mind Santa Cruz SCR 10003 A (No Price Tag)
68 The Weeds – It’s Your Time Teenbeat Club TB-1006 A (Little Girl)
69 The Elite U.F.O. – Now Who’s Good Enough MAI 1014 A (Tarantula)
70 Murphy & The Mob – Born Loser Talisman 1923 A (Because You Love Me)
71 The Page Boys – All I Want Ruff 1020 A (Sweet Love)
72 The Remaining Few – Painted Air Askel AK-112 A (In the Morning)
73 The Fly-Bi-Nites – Found Love Tiffany RRC-564 A (Come On Up)
74 The Cave Men – It’s Trash Chelle PH-148 A (The Pillow Bit)
75 Scorpio Tube – Yellow Listen Vita V-001 A (White Birches)

Date: August 11th, 2015
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

SIDE 69 | G100 pt. 2


Here then is the second volume of the Garage 100, with 25 more tunes from 25 American garage rarities.


Here’s the other part of the insert, showing catalogue numbers and flipsides.


And in SEO-optimized full text. Download and enjoy! Part 3 coming some time next week – who’s at #51?

26 The Hush Puppies – Look For Another Love Playboy XL910 B (Hey, Stop Messing Around)
27 The Moxies – I’m Gonna Stay Century 26070 A (Drinkin’ Wine)
28 Half-Pint & The Fifths – Loving On Borrowed Time Orlyn 666242 B (Orphan Boy)
29 The Sands – Can’t Find a Way Capri 522 B (Open Your Eyes)
30 The Vectors – It’s Been a Day Or Two St. Lawrence 1003 B (What In The World)
31 Better Half Dozen – I Could Have Loved Her U Doe 105 B (I’m Gonna Leave You)
32 The Expressions – Return to Innocence Tennalaga 941 A (One More Night)
33 Mogen David & The Grapes of Wrath – Little Girl Gone Cha Cha C757 A (Don’t Want Ya No More)
34 The Thunderbirds – Hey Little Girl Libra 1047 A (These Days Are Gone)
35 The Monteras – You’re a Tease Orlyn 7721 B (Cry Myself To Sleep)
36 The Cirkit – Yesterday We Laughed Unicorn 34941 A (I Was Wrong)
37 Shepherd’s Heard – I Know Starlite 6052 A (But That’s Life)
38 The Tremors – Wondering Why Catalina 19469 A (What Have I Done)
39 Dr. Spec’s Optical Illusion – She’s the One Flambeau 103 B (Tryin’ to Mess My Mind)
40 The Alarm Clocks – No Reason to Complain Awake 107 A (Yeah)
41 The Barracudas – Baby Get Lost Zundak 101 A (Honest I Do)
42 The Esquires – Judgement Day Glenvalley 105 A (These Are the Tender Years)
43 The Piece Kor – All I Want Is My Baby Back Laray RI 2556 A (Words of the Raven)
44 The Amberjacks – Blue Jaunte Migliore CR727661 B (Hey Eriq!)
45 The Village Outcast – The Girl I Used to Love Echo 711 2 A (Under The Thumb)
46 The Grodes – Cry a Little Longer Tri M 1002 A (She’s Got What It Takes)
47 The Blue Condition – Coming Home Tersa 102/101 A (Lost Love)
48 Adrian Lloyd – Lorna Charger CRG-112 A (Got A Little Woman)
49 Al’s Untouchables – Come On Baby Hunt 1410 A (b/w Stick Around)
50 The Modds – Leave My House ANR 3041 A (All The Time In The World)

As you may know, they uncovered the master tape for that last Modds 45 and found the hidden rhythm guitar track. The remastered sound is available on vinyl from Groovie Records.

Date: August 11th, 2015
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

The G100 resumed


About five years ago I posted the first volume in what was going to be a 4 volume set compiling the singles the make up the Garage 100, or the 100 most collectible garage singles according to g45central. I never got further, because of the very complex covers I had designed for the compilations. Printed on two interlocking sheets of 10″ newsprint, with a large centre hole, the cover was meant to look like a black vinyl record, that could be folded down into a quarter that would be the right size to fit a CDR. Depending on which way you folded it, it could be the cover for any one of the four cds. Because of the scissor fold, the cover laid flat could be switched over from showing the vinyl side on top to bottom, to showing the tracklisting, to showing the flipside of every 45 side chosen for the compilation.


Here’s the first volume, uploaded again for you. And the matching info to each track, which is printed on the opposite end of the 10″.


Here is the tracklisting of the first volume, featuring #1 to #25, with catalogue number, indication of A or B side, as well as the title of the other side. Five years ago, some of these were pretty hard to track down in digital form.

SIDE 3 (re-post)

01 Sonics Inc. – Nobody to Love Sonics Music Ltd. SP0003 A (Diddy Wah Diddy)
02 Denise & Co. – Boy, What’ll You Do Then Wee BMI107 A (Chaos)
03 The Sloths – Makin’ Love Impression 104 A (You Mean Everything to Me)
04 The Outspoken Blues – Not Right Now Orlyn 66821 A (Misty You’re a Better Man Than I)
05 John English III & the Heathens – I Need You Near Sabra 5556 A (Some People)
06 Greg Barr & the Barr Association – Dance Girl Dance Cinema 006 A (Another Boy)
07 The Four More – Problem Child Fairchild F1001 A (Don’t Give Up Hope)
08 The Vikings – I Need Your Lovin’ Wam A (Such a Love)
09 The Chosen Few (St. Michaels) – Get In On Life Takeover 8621184-1 A (JTB)
10 The Young Men – Go Away Girl Maltese 108 A (A Thought For You)
11 The Graveyard 5 – The Marble Orchard Stanco 102 A (Graveyard Five Theme)
12 Mystic – Weekend People Frantic 2136 B (I Get So Disgusted)
13 The Aztex – I Said Move Staff BP194 A (Little Streets In My Town)
14 The By Fives – I Saw You Walking Tomi T106 A (That’s How Strong My Love Is)
15 The Keggs – To Find Out Orbit A (Girl)
16 Just Too Much – She Gives Me Time M Gee 002 A (Come Back)
17 Randy Alvey & The Green Fuz – Green Fuz Big Tex 445 A (There Is a Land)
18 The Worlocks – I Love You Big Rock 512 A (Stay By Her Side)
19 The Next Step – I Said No MCC 101067 A (Rivers Of Hate)
20 Beer – Some Kinda Rich Girl Sgt. Golden 13169 A (Anymore)
21 The Bacardis – This Time Midgard 203 B (Don’t Sell Yourself)
22 Madd Inc. – I’ll Be the One Ikon 508 A (Sooperspy)
23 The Bees – Voices Green and Purple Liverpool 62225 A (Trip to New Orleans)
24 The Botumles Pit/Suedes – 13 Stories High Psychadelic 113 A (My Girl)
25 The Knightsmen – Daddy Was a Rolling Stone Ikon IER514 A (Fever)

Date: December 30th, 2013
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

SIDE64 | Make a Chance


An early Happy New Year to you! I’m heading to London in the morning for New Untouchables’ NYE party. Here’s a danceable mix for you, that I once made for someone’s birthday. Here it is with a new tracklisting, for my own birthday. 28 tracks of garage, psych and soul – one for each year. Not revealing which ones, so download it to see! The Chesmann Square might be one though…

SIDE64 Make a Chance

See you in 2014. (Link updated)

Date: June 2nd, 2013
Cate: graphic design, new releases

SIDE59B | summer mixtape


Here’s the second half of the summer cassette. Highlights include a track from Mikal Cronin’s new LP, which has taken me aback slightly and might actually turn out to be 2013’s most well-rounded release. The Laughing Leaves (could they be The Frowning Clouds’ twin group from Geelong?) appear with the best track off of their brand new, self-released 45. Frowning Clouds’ frontman Zac also appears with his other group Bonniwells, who released their third album not that long ago. “Looking At You” however, is from the intermediate cassette-only release on Anti Fade that I just heard, and shows the group at their rawest and best. Already reviewed, are the albums from Sam Lunsford (now available on tape) and The Temponauts. Among the many albums I haven’t found time to write about yet, Elephant Stone’s (Rishi Dhir of High Dials, Brian Jonestown Massacre) sophomore effort is a favourite, as well as The Go’s new Burger album. And Bad Indians Are On the Other Side is a hugely impressive psych artifact and a big step forward for the Ypsilanti group Bad Indians.


Full tracklisting side A and B:
01 Cold Warps Take Your Time
02 The Zygoteens The River
03 Beat Beat Beat Don’t Tell Me Now
04 Ketamines – Turning You On
05 White Fence – New Edinburgh
06 Burnt Ones – Cloak
07 The Hunches – This Human Behavior
08 Red Hex – Shoulda Known
09 White Fangs – I’m So Glad
10 Carbonas – Didn’t Tell You a Lie
11 Useless Eaters – Wyte Girls
12 The Raw Nerves – Not Gonna Try
13 60 Second Swingers – The Last
14 The Chesterfield Kings – I Don’t Understand
15 Temples – Shelter Song
16 Painted Hills – The Sound & the Fury

17 Thee Holy Ghosts – That’s What Wer’e Doin’
18 Bloods – This Town
19 The Maxines – Hang Around
20 The Bonniwells – Looking At You
21 The Laughing Leaves – Sethanon
22 The Go – Bet I’m Late
23 Ty Segall – Would You Be My Love
24 Mikal Cronin – Change
25 The Hussy – Zummer
26 Bad Indians – The Path Home
27 The Temponauts – Elsewhere
28 Sam Lunsford – The Whole
29 The See See – The Rain & the Snow
30 The Black Angels – Love Me Forever
31 Elephant Stone – Looking Thru Baby Blue
32 Dead Ghosts – Summer With Phil

Date: May 24th, 2013
Cate: graphic design, new releases
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SIDE59A | summer mixtape


It’s been way too long since we had a mix with new music, but it’s worth the wait cause here is a C100’s worth of mainly fresh releases to keep you going through the summer. Perhaps most exciting is the forthcoming album from Dead Ghosts, called Can’t Get No and out on Burger in the summer. They’ve already released the first single “I Sleep Alone” on Randy Records, who also put out the recent debut 45 from Uh Bones. It features an exclusive and tremendous b-side, and they’re also featured on the b-side of this tape with one of the best album tracks. First, you will have to make do with the a-side though. There’s a track from the 60 Second Swingers LP I wrote about not long ago, a potential summer hit from Cold Warps’ tour cassette (improving tenfold on that old Drums template), a recent single from hyped UK psych group Temples who are due for an LP release their year, as well as a track from Josh Schwartz’ Painted Hills album that I discovered in the past week. Have look at what you can expect from the other half, on the back cover.



Date: December 18th, 2012
Cate: graphic design, Music

SIDE52B | 2012 Top 50


And here’s the second part of my 2012 mix, featuring the top 25 tracks I’ve heard for the first time this year. The only new song to make it on here is of course Pop Singles’ brilliant “All Gone” from the album with the same title. I’ve never actually heard The Troggs’ “Our Love Will Still Be There” until this year, although I’m well familiar with the cover done by The Bristols. Liam Watson is great at recreating 60s originals but in this case he couldn’t quite match the splendour of their fuzz-laced ballad. The exceptional cut by The Montanas has surprisingly gone unreleased until its inclusion on Rare Mod Vol. 3 (Acid Jazz, 2011) as the opening track. British outfit New York Public Library, at #2 here, have been comped on Ballroom Beat Vol. 2 and English Freakbeat Vol. 5. The top track is from what sounds like a teen garage group, and what gets me everytime is how the poorly recorded guitar manages to sound more menacing with every play. The Galabooches (or GalaBooChes as it says on the label scan I’ve found) were from Indiana and there are no auctions of their Staff 45 listed on Popsike. “It’ll Never Work Out” was comped on Garage Punk Unknowns #4. Check my previous post for #26-50, and hang in there for the top 15 lists of this years albums and singles.


25 Dana Gillespie – When Darkness Fell
24 The Troggs – Our Love Will Still Be There
23 The Avengers – Crying All Alone
22 Al McCarther – His True Love For You
21 The Satin Bells – Come C’mon
20 Rhonda Davis – Can You Remember
19 Pop Singles – All Gone
18 Gary Valentine – You (Wanted Me to Hang Around You)
17 Lewis Clark – I Need Your Lovin’ So Bad
16 The Pete Best Combo – I Can’t Do Without You Now
15 The Go – Tomorrow Night
14 The Innocents – One Way Love
13 The Roosters – She Sends Me
12 The Yo Yo’s – Gotta Find a New Love
11 Sunset Love – Reach Out
10 The New Order – Why Can’t I?
09 The Reasons Why – Tell Her One More Time
08 Velvet Seed – Sharon Patterson
07 The Rose Garden – Long Time
06 The Initial Shock – You’ve Been a Long Time Coming
05 The Sweets – Satisfy Me Baby
04 The Montanas – Open the Door
03 Betty Lloyd – I’m Catching On
02 New York Public Library – Got to Get Away
01 The Galaboochees – It’ll Never Work Out

Date: December 11th, 2012
Cate: graphic design, Music

SIDE52A | 2012 Top 50

Last year I did a DJ set of the best 50 songs I had heard that year. This year, it’s a mix in two parts instead. Unfortunately seem to have changed their service to an image hosting/gallery thing, but for now I’ll continue to use it for mixes. You’ll have to download the tracks seperately though, so bear with me. The mix is ordered from #50 to #1, and the top 25 won’t be revealed until later.

The mix also exists on C90 tape, which you can get a copy of at the next club night on the 21st of December! Of course, the tape only fits 34 tracks or so, but you’ll get the added joy of more even mastering and about 100 mouse clicks less. Side A features about 4 songs released this year, but I think that’s pretty good going considering they’ve had to compete with newly discovered songs from the last 50 years. Let the countdown begin.


50 The Contents Are – I Don’t Know
49 The Resonars – I Didn’t Feel So Cold Then
48 Start – No Direction
47 The Zombies – I Don’t Want to Know
46 Dee Edwards – You Say You Love Me
45 The Bats – Got a Girl
44 Lawson & Four More – Halfway Down the Stairs
43 Jo & Jenny’s Group – Un Santone Indiano
42 Missing Monuments – Another Girl
41 Evil – Short Life
40 The Rovin’ Kind – Right On Time
39 The Secrets – Here I Am
38 Cosmonauts – Lazerbeam
37 The Parakeets – I Love You Like I Do
36 The Carnabeats – Chu! Chu! Chu!
35 Thane Russal & Three – Your Love Is Burning Me
34 Marlina Mars – I’m Gonna Hold On
33 The Ricochettes – Losing You
32 Bobby Saint Clair – Fool That I Am
31 The Inner Mystiques – Don’t Worry, Don’t Cry
30 The Doughboys – Everybody Knows My Name
29 The Commands – No Time For You
28 The Lil’ Boys Blue – Take You Away
27 The Whatt Four – You’re Wishin’ I Was Someone Else
26 Reatha Reese – Only Lies