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Date: March 9th, 2016
Cate: rediscovered

SIDE 75 | G100 pt. 4


We’re up to #75 here, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to share the final part of our Garage 100 compilation series. This is a collection of the rarest garage 45s from the 60s, and the final part consists of the last 25 numbers from #75 and down. That means these are still all killer no filler – I mean, just consider the Puslating Heartbeats 45, both sides of which are amazing. I’ve picked the jangly flip here, simply because it’s among my all time faves.  I believe all of these have been comped by now, so I’m just doing you the favour of arranging and tagging them. If you’ve downloaded the previous sets, you can now play the G100 in it’s entirety. And that’s just what I’m going to do now.


76 The Timetakers – Love Me Like You Did Before Jowar JW-104 B (Don’t Turn Away)
77 The Chentelles – Be My Queen Fenton 2132 A (Time)
78 The Runaways – 18th Floor Girl Alamo Audio 105 A (Your Foolish Ways)
79 The Pulsating Heartbeats – Anne Pace Setters Internat. 07 B (Talkin ‘Bout You)
80 The Chancellors – On Tour D&C 22 A (Route 66)
81 The Hustlers – If You Try Chelle 145 A (My Mind’s Made Up)
82 The Nomads – Be Nice Spotlight 5019 A (Empty Heart)
83 The Abandoned – Come On Mary The Abandoned 4867 A (Around and Around)
84 The Inferno – The Inferno Plastic A 15383 A (Girl, Girl)
85 The Sound Extraction – I Feel Like Crying J-Three 509 A (Tina)
86 The Liv’in End – She’s a Teaser Rickin 007 A (The Orange Rooftop of My Baby’s Mind)
87 The Benders – Can’t Tame Me Big Sound 3006 A (Got Me Down)
88 The Savages – The World Ain’t Round, It’s Square Duane 1054 A (You’re On My Mind)
89 Th Roks – Hey Joe Mark VII 1012 A (Transparent Day)
90 The Mustangs – That’s For Sure Nero 1002 A (Nova Blues)
91 It’s Us – Don’t Want Your Lovin’ Arab 9001 A (I Can Find My Way)
92 Our Gang – Careless Love Warrior TS-21166 A (Heartbeat)
93 Y’alls – Run For Your Life Ruff 1016 B (Please Come Back)
94 The Human Expression – Love At Psychedelic Velocity Accent AC-1214 A (Every Night)
95 The Blue Boys – I Know Feature 113 A (Hey Ho)
96 The Merlynn Tree – Look In Your Mirror Dixietone 6794 A (How to Win Friends)
97 The Retreds – Black Mona Lisa R&T RP-6601 A (Johnny B. Goode)
98 The Reasons Why – Don’t Be That Way Sound Track ST-2000 A (Melinda)
99 The Ascendors – I Won’t Be Home Lee 105 A (My Friend)
100 The Intruders – Total Raunch Cinema 6901 A (Ruins)

Date: October 20th, 2015
Cate: Music

SIDE 71 | G100 pt. 3


Here’s the third part of the Garage 100 – the most collectible US garage singles ever. Download via the link (I noticed the link for the previous volume was incorrect, so I’ve fixed that now). This one includes the mighty Fly-Bi-Nites, who were (somehow) featured on an episode of Mad Men. Also included is a personal favourite, The Page Boys, the other side of whose 45 was included in my Bitter Bells series.

51 The Spades – You’re Gonna Miss Me Zero C-10002 A (We Sell Soul)
52 The Beethoven Four – I’m Leaving Today Don Lee 0003 A (Oh Pretty Baby)
53 The Hatfields – When She Returns Cha Cha C-754 B (Yes I Do)
54 The Fugitives – No Tease no label 6606213 A (Lonely Girl)
55 The Dovers – She’s Gone Miramar 118 A (What Am I Gonna Do)
56 The Riots – I Can Go On no label 171456 A (You’re My Baby)
57 The Few – Escape Maestro M93028 A (Why Oh Why)
58 The Human Expression – Optical Sound Accent 1226 B (Calm Me Down)
59 The Nomads – Time Remains J&S 1002 A (I Want You Back)
60 The Headstones – 24 Hours (Everyday) Pharaoh P147 A (Wish You Were Mine)
61 Fifth Row Bac – Please Don’t Go Graves GRS 1100 A (Destination Train)
62 The Savoys – Can It Be Summit 403 A (Now She’s Left Me)
63 The Wanderers – Higher Education Texas Record Company TRC 2067 A (I Feel So Blue)
64 Thursday’s Children – Dominoes International Artists 110 A (Air Conditioned Man)
65 The Vectors – What In the World Analysis S-4323 A (It’s Been A Day Or Two)
66 Sounds Unlimited – Cool One Swal 7-7877 A (To Be In Love)
67 The Spiders – Don’t Blow Your Mind Santa Cruz SCR 10003 A (No Price Tag)
68 The Weeds – It’s Your Time Teenbeat Club TB-1006 A (Little Girl)
69 The Elite U.F.O. – Now Who’s Good Enough MAI 1014 A (Tarantula)
70 Murphy & The Mob – Born Loser Talisman 1923 A (Because You Love Me)
71 The Page Boys – All I Want Ruff 1020 A (Sweet Love)
72 The Remaining Few – Painted Air Askel AK-112 A (In the Morning)
73 The Fly-Bi-Nites – Found Love Tiffany RRC-564 A (Come On Up)
74 The Cave Men – It’s Trash Chelle PH-148 A (The Pillow Bit)
75 Scorpio Tube – Yellow Listen Vita V-001 A (White Birches)

Date: September 2nd, 2015
Cate: rediscovered

The Empires live

Today’s find, The Empires live. Look out for G100 pt. 3 soon folks.

Date: August 11th, 2015
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

SIDE 69 | G100 pt. 2


Here then is the second volume of the Garage 100, with 25 more tunes from 25 American garage rarities.


Here’s the other part of the insert, showing catalogue numbers and flipsides.


And in SEO-optimized full text. Download and enjoy! Part 3 coming some time next week – who’s at #51?

26 The Hush Puppies – Look For Another Love Playboy XL910 B (Hey, Stop Messing Around)
27 The Moxies – I’m Gonna Stay Century 26070 A (Drinkin’ Wine)
28 Half-Pint & The Fifths – Loving On Borrowed Time Orlyn 666242 B (Orphan Boy)
29 The Sands – Can’t Find a Way Capri 522 B (Open Your Eyes)
30 The Vectors – It’s Been a Day Or Two St. Lawrence 1003 B (What In The World)
31 Better Half Dozen – I Could Have Loved Her U Doe 105 B (I’m Gonna Leave You)
32 The Expressions – Return to Innocence Tennalaga 941 A (One More Night)
33 Mogen David & The Grapes of Wrath – Little Girl Gone Cha Cha C757 A (Don’t Want Ya No More)
34 The Thunderbirds – Hey Little Girl Libra 1047 A (These Days Are Gone)
35 The Monteras – You’re a Tease Orlyn 7721 B (Cry Myself To Sleep)
36 The Cirkit – Yesterday We Laughed Unicorn 34941 A (I Was Wrong)
37 Shepherd’s Heard – I Know Starlite 6052 A (But That’s Life)
38 The Tremors – Wondering Why Catalina 19469 A (What Have I Done)
39 Dr. Spec’s Optical Illusion – She’s the One Flambeau 103 B (Tryin’ to Mess My Mind)
40 The Alarm Clocks – No Reason to Complain Awake 107 A (Yeah)
41 The Barracudas – Baby Get Lost Zundak 101 A (Honest I Do)
42 The Esquires – Judgement Day Glenvalley 105 A (These Are the Tender Years)
43 The Piece Kor – All I Want Is My Baby Back Laray RI 2556 A (Words of the Raven)
44 The Amberjacks – Blue Jaunte Migliore CR727661 B (Hey Eriq!)
45 The Village Outcast – The Girl I Used to Love Echo 711 2 A (Under The Thumb)
46 The Grodes – Cry a Little Longer Tri M 1002 A (She’s Got What It Takes)
47 The Blue Condition – Coming Home Tersa 102/101 A (Lost Love)
48 Adrian Lloyd – Lorna Charger CRG-112 A (Got A Little Woman)
49 Al’s Untouchables – Come On Baby Hunt 1410 A (b/w Stick Around)
50 The Modds – Leave My House ANR 3041 A (All The Time In The World)

As you may know, they uncovered the master tape for that last Modds 45 and found the hidden rhythm guitar track. The remastered sound is available on vinyl from Groovie Records.

Date: August 11th, 2015
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

The G100 resumed


About five years ago I posted the first volume in what was going to be a 4 volume set compiling the singles the make up the Garage 100, or the 100 most collectible garage singles according to g45central. I never got further, because of the very complex covers I had designed for the compilations. Printed on two interlocking sheets of 10″ newsprint, with a large centre hole, the cover was meant to look like a black vinyl record, that could be folded down into a quarter that would be the right size to fit a CDR. Depending on which way you folded it, it could be the cover for any one of the four cds. Because of the scissor fold, the cover laid flat could be switched over from showing the vinyl side on top to bottom, to showing the tracklisting, to showing the flipside of every 45 side chosen for the compilation.


Here’s the first volume, uploaded again for you. And the matching info to each track, which is printed on the opposite end of the 10″.


Here is the tracklisting of the first volume, featuring #1 to #25, with catalogue number, indication of A or B side, as well as the title of the other side. Five years ago, some of these were pretty hard to track down in digital form.

SIDE 3 (re-post)

01 Sonics Inc. – Nobody to Love Sonics Music Ltd. SP0003 A (Diddy Wah Diddy)
02 Denise & Co. – Boy, What’ll You Do Then Wee BMI107 A (Chaos)
03 The Sloths – Makin’ Love Impression 104 A (You Mean Everything to Me)
04 The Outspoken Blues – Not Right Now Orlyn 66821 A (Misty You’re a Better Man Than I)
05 John English III & the Heathens – I Need You Near Sabra 5556 A (Some People)
06 Greg Barr & the Barr Association – Dance Girl Dance Cinema 006 A (Another Boy)
07 The Four More – Problem Child Fairchild F1001 A (Don’t Give Up Hope)
08 The Vikings – I Need Your Lovin’ Wam A (Such a Love)
09 The Chosen Few (St. Michaels) – Get In On Life Takeover 8621184-1 A (JTB)
10 The Young Men – Go Away Girl Maltese 108 A (A Thought For You)
11 The Graveyard 5 – The Marble Orchard Stanco 102 A (Graveyard Five Theme)
12 Mystic – Weekend People Frantic 2136 B (I Get So Disgusted)
13 The Aztex – I Said Move Staff BP194 A (Little Streets In My Town)
14 The By Fives – I Saw You Walking Tomi T106 A (That’s How Strong My Love Is)
15 The Keggs – To Find Out Orbit A (Girl)
16 Just Too Much – She Gives Me Time M Gee 002 A (Come Back)
17 Randy Alvey & The Green Fuz – Green Fuz Big Tex 445 A (There Is a Land)
18 The Worlocks – I Love You Big Rock 512 A (Stay By Her Side)
19 The Next Step – I Said No MCC 101067 A (Rivers Of Hate)
20 Beer – Some Kinda Rich Girl Sgt. Golden 13169 A (Anymore)
21 The Bacardis – This Time Midgard 203 B (Don’t Sell Yourself)
22 Madd Inc. – I’ll Be the One Ikon 508 A (Sooperspy)
23 The Bees – Voices Green and Purple Liverpool 62225 A (Trip to New Orleans)
24 The Botumles Pit/Suedes – 13 Stories High Psychadelic 113 A (My Girl)
25 The Knightsmen – Daddy Was a Rolling Stone Ikon IER514 A (Fever)

Date: December 30th, 2013
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

SIDE64 | Make a Chance


An early Happy New Year to you! I’m heading to London in the morning for New Untouchables’ NYE party. Here’s a danceable mix for you, that I once made for someone’s birthday. Here it is with a new tracklisting, for my own birthday. 28 tracks of garage, psych and soul – one for each year. Not revealing which ones, so download it to see! The Chesmann Square might be one though…

SIDE64 Make a Chance

See you in 2014. (Link updated)

Date: June 6th, 2013
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

SIDE60 | Mexico podcast


Preparing for the e-Types summer party I’ve been ploughing through compilations of Mexican psych and garage, and it’s become my new fixation after Brazil. There are no bands from Brazil on this mix, but a few from other South American countries. Las Chic’s is definitely Mexico’s premier 60s girlgroup, but I’d much like to hear Las Pink Panthers who are in the cover image. Sadly I don’t know of any recordings by them. Neither of the Chic’s albums, Alto somos las Chic’s or Sola, Triste y Sin Amor, seem available anywhere online, but a few tracks are to found on the always reliable Garage Latino blog. Apart from the well-known Mexican groups Kaleidoscope, La Revolucion De Emiliano Zapata, Rabbits & Carrots and Los Dug Dug’s, I’ve found some really inspired cover versions and a few amazing originals. The standout of the entire mix is Los Nivram’s amazingly moody “Sombras” (covered a few years ago by The Ugly Beats). And not far off is La Maquina Del Sonido with a heavy psych sound. Now it’s time to go back to those compilations for a second cull!


Los Monstruos – Hey Monstruo
Los Monjes – Mi Mami Dijo
Los Shains – Vamos
Rabbits & Carrots – Express Yourself
Las Chic’s – Samba Lulu
Apocalipsis – Pruebalo
Kaleidoscope – Hang Out
Dynamita – Toma Tu Tiempo
La Kabala – El caminante solitario
Flying Karpets – Winter Song
The Beatniks – Outside Chance
Los Fugitivos – Marcando el paso
Los Nivram – Sombras
Los Belmonts – Brinquen
The Loving Darks – Complicado
The Pets – Hello I Love You
La Maquina Del Sonido – No Quiero Ya Volver
Las Animas – El Tipo Loco
Los Strwck – Go Go 70
Aguaturbia – I Wonder Who
La Revolucion De Emiliano Zapata – Petra Y Sus Camaradas
Los Dug Dug’s – Let’s Make It Now
Los Shakes – Aprietame Mas

Date: April 24th, 2013
Cate: Music, rediscovered

SIDE57 | podcast

Last year I asked my friend Mathew Patalano to make a mix for my site; now it’s finally here. It’s a collection of Mat’s favourite garage cuts from the 60s and more recent times. It’s amazing to see so many personal favourites in there, like the perhaps best ever Dovers song, and the Früt of the Loom single I only just lost out on on Ebay. The track by The Novas, both sides of the Illusions 45, The Answer and the Sounds Unlimited are all mainstays of the Record Turnover turntables too. One of the exclusive tracks here, and perhaps the biggest surprise, comes from The Lovin’ Kynd. This band featured Mat’s father and has always been an influence on his recording projects. Currently, Mat has a regular night in NYC called Scream Loud! and the track it’s named after is also included. The Quests, who do this number, are perhaps more known for having cut the ferocious “I’m Tempted”, which was their preceding single for the Fenton label.


SIDE57 Guest mix
The World Outside Is a Drag!

The Savages The World Ain’t Round, It’s Square!
Sounds Unlimited Gotta Get Away
The Beavers Over Under Sideways Down
Los Mockers Can’t Be a Lie
Demon’s Claws Satan’s Little Pet Pig
The Novas And It’s Time
The Lovin’ Kynd A Lil’ More Lovin’
The Invaders Cryin’ All Night Long
The Missing Links Wild About You
The Illusions City of People
The Quests Scream Loud!
The Delmonas You Did Him Wrong
The Mummies Justine
Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs (I’m In With) the Out Crowd
Früt of the Loom One Hand In the Darkness
The Seeds Can’t Seem to Make You Mine
The Actioneers No One Wants Me
The Dovers Your Love
Los Walkers La Casa De Juan (John’s House)
The Wild Cherries I Cried Once
The Hentchmen Every Girl I See
Los Shain’s Shains-a-Go-Go
The Illusions Wait ‘Til the Summer
Los Vidrious Quebrados Oscar Wilde
The Intruders I’ll Go On
The Groupies Hog
Los Mac’s La Muerte De Mi Hermano (The Death of My Brother)
The Answer I’ll Be In
The Golden Cups Hey Joe
Thee Mighty Caesars True To You

Date: February 7th, 2013
Cate: new releases

The Masters Apprentices | Undecided 7″


I recently got some great 60s garage reissues, including the Skeptics LP I wrote about earlier. The Modds’ “Leave My House” also came out last year, on Portuguese label Groovie. It’s been remastered from the original tapes, and the infamously lo-fi top side (barely audible rhythm section and insanely loud guitar) now sounds very fat and surprisingly heavy for a ’66 recording.

Another recent one is the new issue of Masters Apprentices all-time classic “Undecided”, paired with (the in my opinion even better) “War Or Hands of Time”. It’s on a label called Ugly Pop, which could have been a spin on the Australian garage comps Ugly Things, but it’s actually a Canadian punk label. All the while they’ve put out several 60s reissues including local legends A Passing Fancy. But here they are committing two sides of the best and loudest Australian beat to vinyl. In fact, I’ve just discovered there’s also a reissue of The In-Sect’s brilliant “I Can See My Love”. Will have to get that one too. The centre label on the “Undecided” disc is an imitation of the original Astor design, fun.

Date: January 23rd, 2013
Cate: new releases

The Bees & Adrian Lloyd


Ugly Things continue to put out amazing reissues on 45. We’ve covered The Nashville Ramblers, and in 2011 they did The Sloths and most recently The Bees the same favour. These are incredibly rare and are thus mastered from vinyl, but in both cases done with the blessing of original members. The Bees’ only 45 was “Voices Green and Purple” and is well known from Nuggets and lots of other compilations. There’s a reason it has become a legend, despite it’s length (only about 1:30), and that’s the fierce rave-ups throughout the song. The b-side “Trip to New Orleans” isn’t much longer. Although from California, there’s no relation to the LA folk rock group The Bees. Personally, I would rather have seen a reissue of their Mira and Mirwood 45s, both of which you can hear in Colin’s Sensory Perceptions podcast. There are three incredible clips of them playing live on Hollywood a Go-Go, doing “Leave Me Be“, a Dylan number (“She’s an Artist“) and most notably the never released but beautiful “Mimi’s Song“. We’re even introduced to Mimi at the start, who’s on the show only a few weeks after having married one of the band members.


Another G100 listing is Adrian Lloyd’s “Lorna” on the otherwise wellknown Hollywood label Charger. “Lorna” is a floor-shaking screamer, and the moody flip “Got a Little Woman” has been featured on my Bitter Bells series. Sundazed recently announced on facebook that this is a planned release for Record Store Day 2013, so keep your eyes open, and follow Adrian on facebook too.