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Date: November 30th, 2015
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

SIDE 72 | club night


Following on from the ’85 in ’15 playlist theme, here’s the reappearance of the Record Turnover club night for one night only. In keeping with the original concept, there will be a unique guest DJ – who has indeed been invited to Record Turnover in the past – Jasmine Berganäs. Saturday next week we will be playing vinyl from 80s indie labels, and some 90s labels. Expect to hear all your favourites from Narodnik, 53rd and 3rd, Bus Stop, Summershine and A Turntable Friend.

And don’t forget to check out the playlist in my previous post.


December 12
Söder Om Småland, Malmö
Free entry

Date: November 30th, 2015
Cate: graphic design, Music

Sheer Mag in Malmö

Sheer Mag Malmö

Sheer Mag are coming to Malmö, Sweden – finally. I was supposed to see them in Paris, then Copenhagen and finally Malmö tonight. But of course, that never happened as the Paris flight was just a few hours after the attack and we ended up not going. So hopefully, the gig tonight with Nightmen supporting will make up for it. Don’t let oppressors dictate your life.

Here’s a promotional poster I designed for a poster competition, featuring an image by the brilliant photographer Katharina Poblotzki.

Date: October 7th, 2015
Cate: graphic design, Music

Pure Phase


This is the next gig I will doing, after coming back home from Double Sight where I did a short but sweet set alongside people from clubs like Up Club, Mindfuzz, Divine! and other illustrious names. The design was made using a pixel-sorting script for Processing 3. As usual with Phasing Out, the inspiration comes from the Phase 45 pedal originally created in 1975.

Date: July 29th, 2015
Cate: graphic design

Todo Gira seeing double


The latest TODO GIRA went down quietly in Malmö last week, oh, and we did one in April too that I forgot to mention. It looked like this.


In other news both me and Marcus are going to the Double Sight weekender in Glasgow come October. You should check out the event page, and you’ll probably catch me behind the decks in the basement on the Sunday night. And look out for the promo mix some time tomorrow!


Date: December 7th, 2014
Cate: graphic design

The MOD-EST Copenhagen New Years Weekender 30-31 Dec


So it’s about time I gave you the full details on MOD-EST, now that all the details have been finalised and all the design work done.

The MOD-EST Copenhagen New Years Weekender
30-31st December 2014 at Råhuset
9/10pm – 5am

Les Grys-Grys (FR), King Salami & the Cumberland 3 (UK), French Boutik (FR), The Youth (DK)
15 international DJs play original 60s vinyl of all flavours
2-day ticket €27 only from Tictail

And here is the final version of the flyers we made:


Date: December 7th, 2014
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

Four By Four | the MOD-EST sampler mix

Here’s a mix me, Joakim, David and Alessandro made for the MOD-EST weekender, now approaching fast. We picked 4 tracks each, my selections are Beautiful Garden, Del-Vetts, Karo and The Koobas of course. I’m very proud that this mix made it to #4 in the Mixcloud Garage chart (contrary to what is says on the Mixcloud page) and #13 in the RnB chart, during the 7 days that new mixes are trending.

Four By Four: A MOD-EST Sampler by Record Turnover on Mixcloud

Read all about the event, and get your tickets via the link at

Date: December 7th, 2014
Cate: graphic design

Todo Gira & Phasing Out

Yesterday was the final TODO GIRA of the year, hopefully we’ll be back in the new year.


Before that, me and Lauren will be doing another Phasing Out night, also at Söder om Småland. Don’t miss this one, since it’s the Malmö warm-up for the MOD-EST weekender in Copenhagen, happening at New Years. Our theme for the night will be the advent calendar, meaning we will be counting down the best 24 records we’ve bought during the year. My #1 will probably be The Outcasts – Loving You.


Date: October 12th, 2014
Cate: graphic design, Music

The Alloy Six in Malmö


Some breaking news from Todo Gira! There will not be a regular club night in October, and this is because I’m putting on this event. It’s going to be lovely to have the talented Alloy Six from Stockholm to play for us in Malmö. This exclusive event at Grand will be free and behind the decks all night you will find Phasing Out. The Alloy Six is a great new garage group from Stockholm (ex Moving Sounds and Fortune-Tellers) and ever since seeing them at the Sinful Mod Weekender we’ve been talking about getting them to Malmö. This month, it just so happened that they will be on their way down to Germany for a small tour, so we’re lucky to catch them. This will be a great warm-up night for Lavarone, where I will be heading the day after. The Alloy Six are still unsigned, but they have a brilliant demo that you should check out below.

Date: October 12th, 2014
Cate: graphic design

Todo Gira twin


The last Todo Gira was a double success, apart from playing our usual set in Söder om Småland, me and Marcus also took a trip across the bridge to play the same set at Din Nye Ven in Copenhagen. I got to play my brand new George Loukas 45, which I later took to Double Sight for a short guest DJ set.

Date: August 27th, 2014
Cate: Music

Get Lost! w/ The Youth


This weekend brings more fun, in the shape of a brand new garage/beat club in Copenhagen. With a great DJ line-up and a live set from The Youth, it’s bound to be spectacular. And as if that wasn’t enough, The Youth just released their 2nd single “Warn Me” on Middle Ear a couple of days ago. Listen and buy this red vinyl beauty here.