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Date: October 27th, 2017
Cate: new releases

Virgin Kids | Greasewheel

You need to check out this London band who made an album and then split up. Seriously, if you don’t I’ll have to call your house and get your parents on the phone. Sounding peculiarly like the Anti Fade fare out of Geelong some years back, I first heard them because the amazing Levitation Room shared their music on soundcloud. “My Alone” is also a brilliant, 12-string powered track. The album is available from Burger.

Date: February 13th, 2016
Cate: new releases

Massenger | Peeling Out

Massenger are back with their second album, and it’s my favorite release of the year so far! I was in Burger Record’s Fullerton store a few weeks ago and picked up a copy of the tape. They didn’t think they had them yet, but after a look in the backroom I came up trumps. I would also highly recommend the Banshee EP they released last autumn, which is only available on tape from Burger. Here’s a video for “Runnoft” from the Peeling Out LP. Dig it.

Date: October 7th, 2015
Cate: graphic design, new releases

SIDE70 | podcast

Here’s the latest podcast from me, uploaded a couple of weeks ago actually. It features a bunch of new tracks from bands like Drinks (Tim Presley & Cate Le Bon), new faves C.C.T.V. (Coneheads off-shoot), Raw Nerves and Salad Boys outta New Zealand, lots of Aussie goodness, Destruction Unit (whom I am watching in Sweden tonight) and an amazing track from a new Fungi Girls tapes full of outtakes from the band’s short existence.


Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp – Alternator
Drinks – Cannon Mouth
C.C.T.V. – Anxiety
Fungi Girls – Casino Dance
The Raw Nerves – I Love This Town
Radioactivity – Silent Kill
The Barreracudas – Cut Me Loose
Salad Boys – Bow to Your New Sensation
Totally Mild – Work It Out
Blank Realm – Palace of Love
Ducktails – Into the Sky
Sonny & the Sunsets – Baby Jokin
Empat Lima – Epic Mountain Song
Terrible Truths – Sink Or Swim
Hierophants – 321
Ghetto Ghouls – Right Hand
Uniform – Faces
Black Panties – Hot Tub Livin
Destruction Unit – If Death Ever Slept
Flesh World – Your Love Is Like a House
Love of Diagrams – Racing
Kitchen’s Floor – Down
Buck Biloxi and the Fucks – Right Down the Street
Primitive Parts – Rented Houses
The Loons – Out of the Frame
Jessie Jones – Twelve Hour Man
Angie – Ricky Street

Date: August 9th, 2015
Cate: graphic design, new releases

SIDE 68 | podcast


The Record Turnover podcast is back, and long overdue. That’s why this one is a round-up of some of the best garage and punk releases of the year so far. Some great albums and singles have come out this spring, on labels like State, Castle Face, Burger of course, Randy, Trouble In Mind, Hozac and Famous Class. Two bands to watch are The Magnetic Mind who are one of the most promising new garage/psych acts from the UK (along with The Exploding Sound Machine), and Thing which is a new project from Reatards-member and Lover! main man Rich Crook. La Luz have released a new LP this month, and Negative Scanner and Sheer Mag I have already written about here or on HMYN. A review of the amazing Uh Bones LP is coming soon as well!

Uh Bones – Loretta
The Living Eyes – Bad Example
The High Learys – I’m a Fool For You
The Baron Four – Walking Out
La Luz – I’ll Be True
The Magnetic Mind – When The Morning Comes
Negative Scanner – Criticism
Nervosas – The Well
Black Time – Black Chant
No Joy – Remember Nothing
Zig Zags – Gröth
Thee Oh Sees – Turned Out Light
The Optic Nerve – Here to Stay
The BellTowers – You Never Know
The Zoltars – Movies
Hinds – Between Cans
Thing – Outta Control
Nancy – Holiday
Magic Jake and the Power Crystals – Boys and Girls
Golden Pelicans – Last Street Fighter
Sheer Mag – Button Up
The Splits – Melody
The Achtungs – I Don’t Care About You
Melted – Pepper and Milk
Wand – Flesh Tour

Date: July 29th, 2015
Cate: rediscovered

Burger Mix


Did you make a #burgermix yet? Here’s one I made a Wednesday a couple of weeks ago, of some favourites from their catalogue. Check out the Fast Company interview with the Burger founders here. Making it big, they are!

Date: July 28th, 2015
Cate: new releases

Pearl Charles & Zig Zags EPs


Pearl Charles debut on Burger out today, check out my feature on HYMN.


Zig Zags back with slime green 45 on Famous Class, here’s the HYMN feature and video.

Date: May 5th, 2015
Cate: new releases

John Krautner | Fun With Gum Vol. 1


John Krautner of The Go (and Conspiracy of Owls) is back, and he picks up where their latest longplayer Fiesta left off. If you liked bubblegum mega hits like “It Always Happens to You”, then Fun With Gum Vol. 1 will be right up your street. Again, out on the brilliant Burger Records. Bring on the second volume, I say.

Date: December 7th, 2014
Cate: graphic design



There, handed in the final assignment for this semester. Next up, in 2015, will be the masters thesis. This last essay was about soft innovation, comparing Spotify to the new cassette-manufacturing boom, using Fred Thomas’ interview with Burger Records.

Date: December 25th, 2013
Cate: new releases
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Habibi & La Luz


Here’s a tip about two debut albums both from all-female groups, which we’ve definitely needed more of this year. Be a luzer and join the La Luz hype. After being picked up by Hardly Art for their first ep Damp Face, that I’ve previously mentioned here, they’ve managed to release BOTH a stunning instrumental single on Suicide Squeeze called “Brainwash”, as well as their first album It’s Alive. For their Harly Art full-length they’ve taken the two best tracks off Damp Face, and added 9 more. There are a lot of instrumental passages, La Luz being rooted in the instrumental sounds of early 60s surf music. And lyrics may not be their strong point, but languid closing track “You Can Never Know” hits an almost hypnotic note. The ballad “What Good Am I?” also proves their voices deserve to carry more than “wooo”s and should be as much of a centre-point as the shimmery lead guitar. Some of the mixes would do well with a bit more punch too, but even without, this is a very enjoyable record as you can hear.


An album that really packs a punch, but on the other hand lacks a bit of low end, is Habibi’s follow-up to last year’s promising ep delivered by Born Bad. This 11-track party crasher includes new recordings of all three ep tracks, and they do sound much better. Pulling on a lot more post-punk influences than La Luz, Habibi’s songs are deceptively simply, with the secret ingredient being the vocal interplay between singer Rahill, bass player Erin (ex Girls At Dawn) and guitarist Lenaya. Now they’ve even fleshed out to a five-piece adding a second guitarist. Best track on the album might be “Detroit Baby”, which could prove to be as much of a floorfiller as Chain & the Gang’s “Detroit Music”. The slow ballad “She Comes Along” gets bonus points for having the most gorgeous harmonies of the year and a really understated guitar solo. “Persepolis” and “Let Me In” (below) are both enthralling too. Burger are releasing this on vinyl, but so far it’s only available on tape. Even if Neverever never releases anything ever again, Habibi should keep you going.

Date: December 15th, 2013
Cate: new releases

3 Compilations

I’m not sure about you, but I could think of better ways to pay tribute to the deceased Lou Reed than Macaulay Culkin’s pizza-themed re-recording of VU & Nico, as The Pizza Underground. To start with, Personal & the Pizzas already perfected that approach with their cheesy take on Ramones-style punk. Furthermore, the perfect tribute would have been The Velvet Underground and Nico by Castle Face and Friends that was released last year in cooperation with Universal, to mark the 45th anniversary of the iconic album. Not daunted by the perils of following such a project up however, Burger have just teamed up with Universal to deliver the equivalent full cover album of the Velvet’s second. Their White Light/White Heat is so far only available on cassette, but you can stream the entire thing online too. Most of the cuts are quite faithful, apart from Gap Dream’s synth-laden take on closing track “Sister Ray”. All in all it’s a very successful effort, and Lou doesn’t deserve any less.
It might seem like Burger have had a quiet autumn, with Gap Dream’s sophomore album being the only high-profile release. But after a little digging I found I’ve actually missed out on great records like the 2nd Goochi Boyz tape (remember I wrote about that almost exactly a year ago?), a couple psychedelic gems from Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel and Sitar Outreach Ministry, and of course the debut albums from Brooklyn’s Habibi and Holland’s Mozes & the Firstborn. Don’t be surprised if some of there turn up in my 2013 lists. On the comp side we’ve also seen the relese of the The Wiener Dog II tape, which I have ordered but not heard yet.
There are more great compilations coming soon, Castle Face have announced a third volume of the Group Flex flexidisc boxsets, and one you have to get for the holidays is Psych-Out Christmas. Looking at the tracklisting, it could have been curated by the Austin Psych-Fest folks (including contributions from Cosmonauts, Elephant Stone, The Fuzztones, Psychic Ills, Dead Meadow etc). But it actually comes from a label I’ve never heard of called Cleopatra, who seem to be an old goth imprint. Who cares, hear it on spotify.

Finally, there’s the New Centre of the Universe #2 from Anti Fade. The first one was one of the central comps of 2012, and Anti Fade also have some other releases from this year that are worth writing about, so keep an eye out. But this new tape (this time it’s also available on CD!!) features local acts like The Stevens, Housewives, The Sulphur Lights, Gooch Palms, Sewers and some familiar names like Terrible Truths, Bits of Shit, Straight Arrows and Cobwebbs. Surprisingly there’s nothing from new sensations Cuntz, or Los Tones who released their debut 45 on Groovie this year. Perhaps the most notable discovery is The Fighting League who deliver a straight powerpop knockout of a track. Listening through their only release Tropical Paradise, there’s absolutely no telling where that brilliance came from. Get it straight from Anti Fade HQ.