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Date: March 9th, 2016
Cate: new releases, rediscovered

Pop Singles in retrospect

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Ashleigh Wyatt of Little Desert and Red Red Krovvy is one of my favourite drummers. Several years ago she was in a group called Pop Singles, who sounded like many of the best pop groups from Australia in the 80s. While Wyatt has been buys in other bands, it’s been fairly quiet from their singer Tam Matlakowski. But now he has made their entire discography available for free on bandcamp, including unheard demos.

To mark the occasion, here are some snaps from the second time I saw them play, in Melbourne back in 2009. While you’re at it you should also check out Matlakowski’s solo album that came out late last year. Released under the name Tam Vantage, you might notice that’s the make of the 12-string guitar he’s playing in the photos above. It will reward you for your time.

And while we’re talking about Australian pop, I must comment that it’s still criminal that The Passengers never got to release this song. I can’t listen to it without shedding a tear.

Date: November 16th, 2012
Cate: new releases

Straight Arrows

Straight Arrows from Sydney deserve to be remembered for their 2010 album It’s Happening, which I hope you’ve all heard. But if you, as I, have missed the fact that they released two singles prior to that (in 2007-2008), then the new 7″ on Anti Fade is most welcome news. It compiles those four tracks, the original releases of which are sold out. The sound here is even more classic garage than on their Rice Is Nice LP. The opening barrage of “Can’t Count 1-22″ makes me think of The Wailers’ “Out of Our Tree” but recorded on a dictaphone. “Something Happens” became one the centerpieces on their LP in a newer cleaned-up version. The band waste no time on “Jeepster” and “Close That Door” either, which are their most punk recordings (perhaps not surprising considering they’re from a split with The Creteens).

But Straight Arrows aren’t just retrospectively on the cards, they are believe it or not back, with a new single on Goodbye Boozy. As usual with the Italian label, these come in three different covers limited to 100 copies each. “All the Time” is a real pounder of an a-side, and you can hear it in the latest podcast (here, or check 2 posts down). Both sides are on soundcloud, here below is the flip which is a bit less psych and more punk, with crashing cymbals throughout.

Date: August 10th, 2012
Cate: rediscovered

The Marksmen | But Why

I’ve found a couple of new favourite 45s, from Australia and Denmark, although I doubt I will ever ‘find’ an actual copy of each. According to Milesago, this Marksmen single is among the rarest Australian releases ever, and was the sole output of the Enterprise label. The flip “Moonshine”, might be a bit more well known (see the entry at Garage Hangover), but it’s definitely “But Why” that does it for me, with its moody chorus. The group came from outside Sydney and started out as The Tremors and after the Marksmen period became Imagination.

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via Garage Hangover