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Date: August 27th, 2014
Cate: Music

Get Lost! w/ The Youth


This weekend brings more fun, in the shape of a brand new garage/beat club in Copenhagen. With a great DJ line-up and a live set from The Youth, it’s bound to be spectacular. And as if that wasn’t enough, The Youth just released their 2nd single “Warn Me” on Middle Ear a couple of days ago. Listen and buy this red vinyl beauty here.


Date: August 27th, 2014
Cate: graphic design, Music

Todo Gira 29 aug


And so it’s time again, our 4th night so far. Once again at Söder om Småland, this time we’re joined by David Peter Jørgensen from Copenhagen, who will be playing top r’n’b and soul.

Todo Gira
29 August
Söder om Småland
Free entry

Date: August 27th, 2014
Cate: graphic design



And so I finally got some feedback on my last assignment of year 1 of my Master of Design degree. This essay is about the aesthetics of smell and I got a top mark for it I’m pleased to say. Some of the scents discussed are Vezzoli’s GREED, Maison de Margiela’s REPLICA, and artist Niki de Saint Phalle’s own scent (for which you can see and old advertisement for below). Recently I found out about another product series in the same intersection between art and perfume. Andrea Maack, an Icelandic company, have a number of scents available that were originally created for an art exhibition.

niki de saint phalle 1982 perfume ad

Date: August 10th, 2014
Cate: Music

Paul Messis & The Youth

Paul Messis is back with another slice of vinyl recorded at State HQ and released by 13 O’Clock. Here is the strangely sundrenched video for the bleak psych jangler “Nightmares”. An a-side that manages to sound like both The Electric Prunes and West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, while remaining uniquely Messis. Even better I think, is the flip “Penny Arcade”. Here we have a bittersweet beat ballad, carried by a beautiful melody that makes me think of one of my favourite groups Sandy Coast. Another winner from Monsieur Messis.


And of course, directly from the State, comes the 2nd 45 from Denmark’s The Youth.  The Sandgate studio has done wonders for the group’s sound. This is a truly menacing beat record, almost blowing Thee Vicars out of the water. “I’ll Call Your Bluff” has that great putdown vocal with a compelling continental groove. The Youth channel the best of Scandinavian and mainland Europe 60s beat, and on the incredible “You’ve Done Me Wrong” they have cut a track that would’ve kept the Star Club crowd dancing past 4am. The best new garage group of 2014? Well, I’ve yet to hear the Rosalyns debut 45.

In more 13 O’Clock related news, the first album from Sweden’s The Flight Reaction should be out imminently. And while we’re speaking of State Records’ studio, I should mention that my wishes have been heeded, and The Kumari’s best recording so far, “Until That Day”, has now been made a-side of their most recent 45 on Hey Girl. Get it directly from the Spanish label.

Date: August 9th, 2014
Cate: Music

The Belltowers | No Matter 7″


Is this the best looking 45, or just the best 45 this year? Readers of Record Turnover will be well familiar with American 12-string pluckers The Belltowers, after releasing one brilliant EP a few years ago. Here they are now, finally, with their first record to their name and a full LP in the making. Two incredibly strong originals here, hard to believe they’re not covers actually. “No Matter” starts off with fuzz topped by a 12-string riff, like all those Byrds-wannabe tunes (cf. Dennis & the Times “Just If She’s There). Except this is so close to the real deal it’s creepy. It moves between major and minor with remarkable sublety and dives into a phasing-equipped psych out for the last 30 seconds. “She’s Gone” is a classic moody folk-rocker, that would make even The Higher State proud, with a solo full of overdrive. Song-writer Paul Mutchler has penned a proper double-sider here, get it from Hidden Volume now.

Hidden Volume is definitely a new label to watch. Apart from The Belltowers, they’ve also put out a 45 by The Ar-Kaics who are one of the hottest garage outfits right now. You might remember our post about their very first 45 a few years ago. This year they’ve have been busy, and you can read my review of their debut LP on Windian soon. This spring they have put out 45s on Windian, Steady Sounds and as mentioned “Sick & Tired” on Hidden Volume. This tough 45 still features their original, no-bass line up. Hear it here.

Date: August 9th, 2014
Cate: Music

SIDE 67 | podcast


If you’re following me on Mixcloud and 8tracks, you will already have heard this mix. It made it a few months ago, containing then-new music. The most exciting new band I’ve heard in a while are Wand, produced by Ty Segall. Looking forward to new Satelliters and Allah-Las albums. The Neumans album is soon to be out as well!


Wand – Screaming Eye
Ty Segall – Music For a Film 1
Thee Tsunamis – Psycho
TV Freaks – Lose It
Big Tits – Ex-Repeater
The Black Angels – Sunday Evening
Heaters – Lowlife
Hysterics – Cruisin’ At the Show
The Satelliters – When I’m In-Between
Thee Oh Sees – Camera
Ultras S/C – My Own Microphone
Woods – Leaves Like Glass
Ex Hex – Hot and Cold
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Alluda Majaka
Radar Eyes – Positive Feedback
The Movements – Ingenting kommer ur ingenting
The Husbands – I Idolize You
De Keefmen – Freezin’
Chain and the Gang – Crime Don’t Pay
Allah-Las – Had It All
La Sera – Losing To The Dark
CCR Headcleaner – Steal the Light

Date: August 9th, 2014
Cate: Music



After the first ever Phasing Out event earlier this summer, and our guest set at the Chain & the Gang set, we’ve already done two more dedicated Phasing Out nights. Myself and Lauren would like to thank everyone who came to our impromptu set at Far I Hatten, Malmö, after a set by local group The Original Five (who I have been doing design work for last winter/spring, and I will be posting the results soon). And of course last weekend, the dedicated souls who came to the boiling hot Din Nye Ven, for our first ever Copenhagen outing.

I’ll actually be coming back to play Copenhagen very soon. Me and Marcus Cawood have been invited (along with DJs from Club Mau Mau and Dirty Water Club) to play the premiere of new garage/beat night Get Lost. Get Lost is a new initiative started by David Peter from The Youth and Henriette who has previously been helping out with Backstreet Northern Soul Club. Get Lost will happen monthly at the same venue as Backstreet, Underhuset in Copenhagen.


So who are The Youth? Well, you remember David Peter & the Wilde Sect. David is the brains behind this new beat group from Denmark, recently signed to Dirty Water. They started in the basement, recording their first single at Thee Grave Cave in Malmö. “I’ll Fancy You” came out some months ago on their own imprint. The a-side is a catchy beat number with a great guitar break. Even better is the flip “Your Love”, which is a real mover. All in all this is an impressive debut for a DIY affair. Actually Get Lost on August 30th is also the release party for their first LP Nothing But the Youth, which has been recorded at Circo Perotti. The group has been making the rounds in Europe and have already been picked up for 2 more single releases, which you will no doubt see more about on Record Turnover.