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Date: June 30th, 2013
Cate: rediscovered

The Shades of Blue | Who’s Laughing Now? 7″


Heavy Soul is a UK label and they’ve just started a reissue 45 series, called The RAWing 60’s, with the first release being this unreleased acetate from blue-eyed soul group The Shades of Blue (not to be confused with Eyes of Blue). “Who’s Laughing Now?” is an amazing dancer that sounds like The Montanas at their best, and you can hear it on the label website. It’s coupled with another track called “So Long” that I’ve yet to hear, and is available for just 6 pounds. Be sure to look out for the upcoming issue of an unknown acetate from freakbeat legends Him & the Others as well, cause it’s just been announced.

Heavy Soul have also released the first single from The Karla Milton Collective, who are, as you guessed, Karla Milton’s new group since leaving mod outfit DC Fontana. She continues in a similar vein adding elements of funk and 80s soul. Listen to “Jack Is Back” Below and follow them on soundcloud for more, as well as updates on the longplayer they are working on.

Date: June 30th, 2013
Cate: new releases

Warm Soda & The Living Eyes

warm soda

Warm Soda are heading out on a European tour, which sadly does not reach Scandinavia. But, they have a new single out for this tour, courtesy of Italian label Goodbye Boozy. It couples what could be two of their finest songs to date, recorded in slightly softer, acoustic approach. “This Changes Everything” can be heard below, and go here to check out the a-side “Tell Me In a Whisper”.

Also out on Goodbye Boozy now, is a new single from The Living Eyes, whose debut LP I wrote about recently. “Eat It Up” is produced by Owen from Straight Arrows (who released a great single on the same label last year). Below is the b-side “Mass Assumption”, Geelong garage punk at its best.

And, while you’re on Goodbye Boozy’s soundcloud, don’t forget to check out nearly as fresh single “Midnight Stains” from Brooklyn’s great punk band Livids.

Date: June 30th, 2013
Cate: new releases
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Winter Bear & La Luz


As much as Burger are having a great year, and everyone is loving The Aquadolls (who admittedly have one amazing track in “Our Love Will Always Remain”), I’m much more impressed with Hozac releasing a new single from Erin of Cave Weddings and her new band Winter Bear. Their first single “Jump In the Fire” is out right now.

Hozac have a good score in signing bands with female songwriters, Mil Mascaras last year and before that The Flips and The Shrapnelles. I only wish they would sign La Luz, who are the best female band I’ve heard since… probably since The Flips in fact. Their only release is a cassette EP called Damp Face. It’s almost a year old now, but I’ll post a track from it anyway since I only just came across it. They’ve definitely listened a lot to The Trashwomen, and while you’re waiting for someting new you can catch them on tour in the US this month.

More news from Hozac is the new albums from Heavy Times, as well as a debut from Shocked Minds (ex-Carbonas and members of Games and Gentleman Jesse) and an upcoming First Base LP. Hopefully there will be time to write more generously about these in due course.

Date: June 30th, 2013
Cate: new releases

Dead Ghosts & Tomorrows Tulips


The latest order from Burger turned up, including a purple Dead Ghosts LP. Burger Records are having another strong year release-wise, and Dead Ghosts’ sophomore album Can’t Get No has been one of this year’s most anticipated records for me. Already three years old, their self-titled debut can be considered a minor classic, and a high that we knew was going to be hard to improve on. I’m not sure how everyone else feels, but it’s been remarkably quiet about this release considering taster track “Roky Said” was featured on Pitchfork already early in the year. My expectations only increased after the basement gig at Drone in Copenhagen, which is still the show of the year for me. The first single off of the album, “I Sleep Alone” on Randy was brilliant, and the 11 other tracks are every bit its match. Marginally more diverse than their first set, they even include a bit of bar piano and a cheesy organ here and there. “That Old Feeling” gets a redress and I’ve already featured “Summer With Phil” on my summer mixtape. Their tribute to Roky Erickson is still a contender for best track, but equally, “I Want You Back” is rocking as tightly as “What to Do” did all those years ago. Even the C.M. Ruiz custom type feels like an upgrade from the Cassie Ramone look on the first record sleeve.

Also back with a follow-up are California trio Tomorrows Tulips, whose debut Eternally Teenage, recorded by Darren Rademaker, was one of last year’s brighter moments. Experimental Jelly is released on cassette only so far, in 250 copies. Opening track “Flowers On the Wall” is the one track you can hear online, but what a song it is. It quickly settles into a warm lo-fi lull, and builds to a slightly claustrophobic chorus. If the album title gives you some early Flaming Lips vibes, you’re not too far from the truth. The tracks range from quick sketches of songs to 5-minutes work-outs. The ideas are generally simple, but effective, such as the peculiar high-pitched sliding bass notes in closing track “Internal Perm”. Considering they have a standing drummer, it’s no surprise to hear their take on VU-style psychedelia on “Misses Hash”. The most perfect pop song suddenly appears towards the end of the swaying flanger of most tracks, showing us Alex Knost also knows how to play it straight. “Free” drones on that Byrds riff for a minute before resolving into a “Pale Blue Eyes” style ballad. Hear it below and pick up the tape now, or chance it and wait for an eventual vinyl release.

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Date: June 27th, 2013
Cate: graphic design

e-Types 3 months


This three-month internship has gone fast and I have been too busy to write about all the great new releases out there. Make sure you like the Record Turnover fb page to catch updats about all the latest records to obsess over. Only two weeks left until the summer holiday here and I’ve had the pleasure of working on big projects e.g. for Carlsberg, that should soon result in REAL products on the ACTUAL market. Keep an eye out here for updates on that, as well as news about what will happen from August onwards.

Date: June 11th, 2013
Cate: new releases

Unwed Teenage Mothers & Wyatt Blair

unwed2 wyatt2

Here are a couple of releases I stumbled upon via bandcamp today. The Unwed Teenage Mothers reared their heads last year most recently, but now they’re back with a new 45 that’s even better and almost on par with their first LP. The four-track ep is out on a label called Hiss Lab, and here’s my favourite track “Wish You Were Older”.

Wyatt Blair (TRMRS drummer) turned a few heads with a solo cassette ep on Burger, and then floored us with his contribution to their double cassette The Kitty Comp. That track, “Girls”, spun another classic pop song out of the “Needles & Pins” riff. It appears here as well, but in a more cleancut take. In fact several of the tracks suffer from cheesy drum machine sounds, but considering the content I don’t think Blair sees this as a particularly ‘serious’ outing. Still he stirs up enough excitement with tracks like the almost Bare Wires class  “Found Love (In a Garbage Song)” – perhaps an answer song to Veronica Falls (?) – and the Velvetsy “Honey, Money” which you can hear below. Banana Cream Dream is available from Burger.

As a bonus, you can now also hear Radar Eyes’ RSD flexi “Dreaming of Giants” on bandcamp.

Date: June 6th, 2013
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

SIDE60 | Mexico podcast


Preparing for the e-Types summer party I’ve been ploughing through compilations of Mexican psych and garage, and it’s become my new fixation after Brazil. There are no bands from Brazil on this mix, but a few from other South American countries. Las Chic’s is definitely Mexico’s premier 60s girlgroup, but I’d much like to hear Las Pink Panthers who are in the cover image. Sadly I don’t know of any recordings by them. Neither of the Chic’s albums, Alto somos las Chic’s or Sola, Triste y Sin Amor, seem available anywhere online, but a few tracks are to found on the always reliable Garage Latino blog. Apart from the well-known Mexican groups Kaleidoscope, La Revolucion De Emiliano Zapata, Rabbits & Carrots and Los Dug Dug’s, I’ve found some really inspired cover versions and a few amazing originals. The standout of the entire mix is Los Nivram’s amazingly moody “Sombras” (covered a few years ago by The Ugly Beats). And not far off is La Maquina Del Sonido with a heavy psych sound. Now it’s time to go back to those compilations for a second cull!


Los Monstruos – Hey Monstruo
Los Monjes – Mi Mami Dijo
Los Shains – Vamos
Rabbits & Carrots – Express Yourself
Las Chic’s – Samba Lulu
Apocalipsis – Pruebalo
Kaleidoscope – Hang Out
Dynamita – Toma Tu Tiempo
La Kabala – El caminante solitario
Flying Karpets – Winter Song
The Beatniks – Outside Chance
Los Fugitivos – Marcando el paso
Los Nivram – Sombras
Los Belmonts – Brinquen
The Loving Darks – Complicado
The Pets – Hello I Love You
La Maquina Del Sonido – No Quiero Ya Volver
Las Animas – El Tipo Loco
Los Strwck – Go Go 70
Aguaturbia – I Wonder Who
La Revolucion De Emiliano Zapata – Petra Y Sus Camaradas
Los Dug Dug’s – Let’s Make It Now
Los Shakes – Aprietame Mas

Date: June 2nd, 2013
Cate: new releases
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The Frowning Clouds & The Living Eyes


2012 was a big year for Melbourne suburb Geelong. Now it’s that time again, and The Laughing Leaves mentioned in the post below is not the only band making the rounds (speaking of leaves, don’t forget to check out The Fallen Leaves’ new album). The Living Eyes are back with a follow-up to last year’s brilliant “Ways to Make a Living” 45, on Billy’s own label Anti Fade. The album is self-titled and includes ten new garage winners as well as the single top side. It’s already sold out, but you should stream it on bandcamp, starting with my favourite track “Heard It All Before” below.

Saturno Records in Spain released the very first Living Eyes single back in 2011, but was already then the home of Geelong stalwarts The Frowning Clouds, who recently came back to Europe to play the Le Beat Bespoke weekender in London. They’ve finished their second album now, but as an early teaser Saturno put together a tour cassette called Gospel Sound From the Church of Scientology. If the eight tracks are anything to go by with regards to the new album, the Clouds are done with the ’65 Rolling Stones sound, and the slightly more primitive and varied sound is rather in line with side projects The Bonniwells and The Hierophants, and definitely nods to The Kinks. Two stand-out tracks “Guess Again” and “Thought About Her” prove Nick and Zak still have some major talent to unleash. The latter, as you can hear below, lifts the intro straight out of The Mods “Days Mind the Time” (featured here on Bitter Bells), which is quite an obscure garage 45 although it has previously been covered by The Madd.

Date: June 2nd, 2013
Cate: graphic design, new releases

SIDE59B | summer mixtape


Here’s the second half of the summer cassette. Highlights include a track from Mikal Cronin’s new LP, which has taken me aback slightly and might actually turn out to be 2013’s most well-rounded release. The Laughing Leaves (could they be The Frowning Clouds’ twin group from Geelong?) appear with the best track off of their brand new, self-released 45. Frowning Clouds’ frontman Zac also appears with his other group Bonniwells, who released their third album not that long ago. “Looking At You” however, is from the intermediate cassette-only release on Anti Fade that I just heard, and shows the group at their rawest and best. Already reviewed, are the albums from Sam Lunsford (now available on tape) and The Temponauts. Among the many albums I haven’t found time to write about yet, Elephant Stone’s (Rishi Dhir of High Dials, Brian Jonestown Massacre) sophomore effort is a favourite, as well as The Go’s new Burger album. And Bad Indians Are On the Other Side is a hugely impressive psych artifact and a big step forward for the Ypsilanti group Bad Indians.


Full tracklisting side A and B:
01 Cold Warps Take Your Time
02 The Zygoteens The River
03 Beat Beat Beat Don’t Tell Me Now
04 Ketamines – Turning You On
05 White Fence – New Edinburgh
06 Burnt Ones – Cloak
07 The Hunches – This Human Behavior
08 Red Hex – Shoulda Known
09 White Fangs – I’m So Glad
10 Carbonas – Didn’t Tell You a Lie
11 Useless Eaters – Wyte Girls
12 The Raw Nerves – Not Gonna Try
13 60 Second Swingers – The Last
14 The Chesterfield Kings – I Don’t Understand
15 Temples – Shelter Song
16 Painted Hills – The Sound & the Fury

17 Thee Holy Ghosts – That’s What Wer’e Doin’
18 Bloods – This Town
19 The Maxines – Hang Around
20 The Bonniwells – Looking At You
21 The Laughing Leaves – Sethanon
22 The Go – Bet I’m Late
23 Ty Segall – Would You Be My Love
24 Mikal Cronin – Change
25 The Hussy – Zummer
26 Bad Indians – The Path Home
27 The Temponauts – Elsewhere
28 Sam Lunsford – The Whole
29 The See See – The Rain & the Snow
30 The Black Angels – Love Me Forever
31 Elephant Stone – Looking Thru Baby Blue
32 Dead Ghosts – Summer With Phil

Date: June 1st, 2013
Cate: new releases

Miri May | You Are My Angel 7″

I’ve been listening to Os Mutantes today, and by chance stumbled upon Spanish-born singer Miri May, who seems like a current day Rita Lee clone. The talented 24-year old moved to London and has since recorded with DC Fontana and released her first solo 7″ recorded by Jacco Gardner in Holland. The songs and the video above are both about a year old, but haven’t been availble on vinyl until Spanish label Saturno put out the single this month. As Miri May explains in an interview, Jacco and her decided to record a bunch of covers since there was no time for songwriting collaboration. The song above, “Five O’Clock World”, is originally by The Vogues and fairly wellknown as such. The a-side is a decidedly more obscure English-language track by Mexican group Los Monjes, which there is a live take of on youtube. This also feels like a coincidence due to my high intake of sounds from Mexico recently. Stream “You Are My Angel” here.

Both tracks have been given their unique touch though, and in my opinion are substantially improved. It definitely feels like the most inspiring release from a female artist since Lana Loveland’s album, and so much better than what The Hypnotic Eye are trying to do, also in Lodon and with a female vocalist. If you like Fabienne Delsol you will no doubt dig this release, and look out for a live line-up soon. While you’re at Saturno‘s webshop you should also pick up the debut single from Los Wallas, who won the Battle of the Bands at the last Euro Yéyé festival, brilliant moody garage in Spanish.