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Date: May 24th, 2013
Cate: graphic design, new releases
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SIDE59A | summer mixtape


It’s been way too long since we had a mix with new music, but it’s worth the wait cause here is a C100’s worth of mainly fresh releases to keep you going through the summer. Perhaps most exciting is the forthcoming album from Dead Ghosts, called Can’t Get No and out on Burger in the summer. They’ve already released the first single “I Sleep Alone” on Randy Records, who also put out the recent debut 45 from Uh Bones. It features an exclusive and tremendous b-side, and they’re also featured on the b-side of this tape with one of the best album tracks. First, you will have to make do with the a-side though. There’s a track from the 60 Second Swingers LP I wrote about not long ago, a potential summer hit from Cold Warps’ tour cassette (improving tenfold on that old Drums template), a recent single from hyped UK psych group Temples who are due for an LP release their year, as well as a track from Josh Schwartz’ Painted Hills album that I discovered in the past week. Have look at what you can expect from the other half, on the back cover.



Date: May 22nd, 2013
Cate: new releases

Ketamines x 4

Ketamines released one of last year’s best albums, and now they’re back with more stuff in the vein of “Teenage Rebellion Time”. The first of four promised 45s (with cover art that joins up to a complete image) came out yesterday on Pleasance Records, and features “All the Colours of Your Heart” on the a-side, grooving on a bouncy riff. Coupled with the playful “Turning You On” (look out for it on the upcoming mixtape!) it sums up the sound of their soon-to-released sophomore LP.


Out on local Canadian label Mammoth Cave in the summer, You Can’t Serve Two Masters has a warm psychedlic air to it that might even remind you of Pavement at times. I can think of few sounds more fitting to be floating down the summer breeze. “So Clean” and “Spaceships” are both bright and smile-inducing. “Don’t Stop” is an immediate favourite starting out with keys taken as if right outta ? & Mysterians’ song book. Apart from “Double Elevens” and couple of more tunes, this album is a step away from the reverb-heavy neo-garage sound of their last release along with much of standard fare independent music today. Ketamines proved they are a force to reckoned with already in 2011 with the super hit “Line By Line”, and it’s slightly liberating listening to opening track “Come Inside”, as they fulfill a few more of the promises made by that first single.

Also out on Mammoth Cave, right now, is the debut LP from Calgary’s The Mandates. If you like Needles//Pins you’ll definitely enjoy their punky powerpop, and they deserve a mention if only for the fact they were nice enough to write in.

Date: May 22nd, 2013
Cate: new releases

The Young Sinclairs | Engineer Man


It’s not long ago since I wrote about Sam Lunsford and The Young Sinclairs. Now he’s back with another single under the Sinclairs moniker (still just Lunsford mainly). “Engineer Man”, set for release next month on Paul Messis’ label Market Square, is a new recording of a track from the group’s 2007 debut album Feel Bad (available in full on spotify). The new take features superior harmonies and guitar solo, making one of their best numbers even better. The flip “Problems” is less psychedelic and more folky in a classic Byrds fashion, with interweaving guitars and a fragile but crisp melody carrying the song. It’s great to see two of the most interesting musicians of today come together to make this release possible. Did The Optic Nerve ever get this good? I don’t think so.

Date: May 22nd, 2013
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

SIDE58 | podcast


It’s been a while since the last podcast, and in the meantime I have been listening to a lot of Mexican psych and garage. This one has definitely been affected by the Latin American vibes and its general funkyness, and the next one might be purely Mexican, who knows. However, this mix has been tailored to fit champagne bar Balthazar in the newly re-opened 5-star hotel D’Angleterre in Cophenhagen, the redesign of which I worked on last year. It features some of the best mixing I’ve achieved and increases in tempo to simulate a full evening’s DJ set. I hope they, and you, enjoy it as much as I do.


Mary Love Baby I’ll Come
Mose Allison The Seventh Son
Rita Lee Tempo Nublado
The Oracle Don’t Say No
Martha Starr Sweet Temptation
Rabbits & Carrots Hip City
Juaneco y su Combo Vacilando Con Ayahuesca
The Cryan’ Shames The Town I’d Like to Go Back to
Thorinshield One Girl
The Moovers One Little Dance
The Avengers No Wonder
Ian & the Zodiacs Wade In the Water
William Cummings Make My Love a Hurting Thing
Fourth Sensation Vanessa
Sylvie Vartan Dis Moi Que Tu M’aimes
Zouzou Il est parti comme il était venu
Neighb’rhood Childr’n Can’t Buy Me Love
Maurice Rodgers Coming In Out of the Rain
Dana Gillespie Describing You
Mary Davis Who Will It Be
The Joyride The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine
Louise Whitney Gotta Keep On
Babylon Take Me

Date: May 20th, 2013
Cate: Music

2 or 3 things


But since social relations are always ambiguous, since thoughts divide as much as unite, and my words unite by what they express and isolate by what they omit, since an immense gulf separates my subjective awareness from the objective truth I represent for others, since I constantly blame myself, though I feel innocent, since every event transforms my daily life, since I constantly fail to communicate, to understand, to love and be loved, and every failure deepens my solitude, since I cannot escape the objectivity crushing me nor the subjectivity expelling me, since I cannot rise to a state of being, nor collapse into nothingness, I must listen, I must look around more than ever, at the world, my kin, my brother.


Date: May 6th, 2013
Cate: Design



Swiss type is the best type.


Grilli type foundry was featured on Typetoken a few days ago, check out their three amazing fonts GT Walsheim (from 2010 and already a classic), and brand new GT Pressura and GT Haptik. Haptik, above, was drawn by Reto Moser and Tobias Rechsteiner and is meant to be read by touch, thus the name. All three fonts are available in trial versions from Grilli.