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Date: March 31st, 2013
Cate: Music



I spent a few hours today looking at stereograms – relevatory news to me. After that I decided to put together my own one for a flyer Jay from Sapphire Mansions asked me to do for an upcoming Slumberland showcase in New York. It’s based on an idea from the wiki entry on ASCII stereograms, and is an example of stereograms based on cross-eyed stereo viewing. That means you focus in front of the image, as opposed to wide-eyed stereo where you need to focus behind the image. When you focus correctly the two columns will blend into one and the ‘secret code’ appears. I’m quite amazed I actually got it to work. Don’t get up from the chair too quickly after at looking at this for a while!

It only works for monospaced type, so I used Interstate here.

Date: March 25th, 2013
Cate: graphic design, Music
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Good Friday approaches fast, and with it a new start of sorts. There’s already been a Record Turnover night at På Besök this month, but on Friday me and Lauren Miller are launching a new venture called Shadows & Reflections. Hopefully it will be successful enough to let us move on to bigger dancefloors, spinning top sixties garage, psych and freakbeat sounds. As my 45 collection grows slowly but steadily I’m feeling ready to play a proper set from vinyl that will still be great to dance to. I’m inspired in doing so by legendary local night The Gabb, and just like at that club you’ll be treated to a mix of garage, mod and northern soul. We’d love to be able invite international djs later on. Dress sharp.

We’ve put together a teaser playlist on spotify, which you can enjoy via the button below.


Date: March 25th, 2013
Cate: new releases
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Sam Lunsford


Jacco Gardner has been getting some well-deserved attention this year, after his debut LP Cabinet of Curiosities came out. Hopefully the same will apply to Sam Lunsford, who I’ve already featured with his band The Young Sinclairs. Around Christmas last year however, he too released his first, self-titled solo album. Available digitally and on cassette from his own label Mystic Fortress, it’s an incredibly strong release from both a song-writing and a recording techique perspective. 10 out of the 11 songs were recorded by Sam in his own analogue studio, and the production sounds every bit as refined and perfected as on an Emitt Rhodes album. On this album he gets more experimental than on the Young Sinclairs material, incorporating elements of light psychedelia, soft-rock and some allround good Zombies-vibes. Lengthy opening track “All About the Love” impresses, as well as the single choice “Just Wanted to Help” which you can watch a video for over at his website. Listen below, to the gently haunting closing track “Haven’t Got the Time” on which Lunsford manages to sound like Richard Ashcroft if he’d been a Nick Drake enthusiast, and then stream the rest on bandcamp.

Date: March 13th, 2013
Cate: graphic design



Next month, I start an internship at e-Types, my favourite design agency in Denmark. I’m very much looking forward to it, they recently published their work for the new edition of the Roskilde music festival, and hopefully I will get to work on something just as exciting. Image grabbed here.

Date: March 7th, 2013
Cate: new releases

Beachniks | In Color

Cassette label Neotomic has been one to keep an eye on since last year’s split with Teen Runnings and Sea Lions. Home Recordings featured four tracks each from these Japanese and US bands, and anyone following Adrian Pillado’s soundcloud is familiar with the insane quality of his home demos. “Yesterday’s Today” might be one of his best songs, wonder if this will turn up in a full band version?


Earlier in the year Neotomic put out the first album from Brooklyn/Queens punk-pop group Beachniks. This came as a very welcome surprise, 4 years after their Captured Tracks 45. There are only a handful of cassettes left, but it’s now also available on vinyl from the band themselves. The sleeves have been painted by hand, just like the recently covered single by What Next? (another band Serge Pinsky is in). The rest of the band are Carmelle Safdie on vocals, J.B. (Crystal Stilts) on drums, as well as siblings Emily, Nik, and (occasionally) Alex Curtin. The latter two previously played together in German Measles along with Serge. Another contributor to the album is Juan Waters (of The Beets), who has just released a solo single and will be touring with Carmelle. The whole album was recorded by Gary Olson at Marlborough Farms, so it’s very much a family affair. The songs speak for themselves, listen to the whole album, or just “What’s Your Damage?” below.

Date: March 1st, 2013
Cate: graphic design



The first of my work done at Rethink is starting to come through. One thing I’ve been working on are three whitepapers that are being published this month. It’s mainly a branding excersise for Rethink and to help them gain some new customers. All three are written by managing director Kresten Bo Nielsen, and will also be available in e-paper form.