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Date: August 30th, 2012
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

SIDE44 | mix

This is definitely the (bitter) end of this series. 25 tracks, all from 1965-67, and digging into some of the recently unearthed material from American garages. Yes, this volume is mostly American except one track each from Canada, Greece and Holland. The Coachmen on this volume was one out of more than 10 groups with that name, hailing from Arkansas, and their track can be found on the three-volume Lost Souls series from Psych of the South (available on Spotify in full). The Roadrunners track is from the fourth New England Teen Scene compilation, which only features previously unreleased numbers. Phil & the Frantics released 4 singles, but “Where Am I Running to?” was first released as part of the Voxx retrospective of the group. Similarly the track by The Hustlers, whose lone single was issued by the Chelle label, is from a retrospective on Gear Fab. But who knows, if “Destination Nowhere” had been released in 1966 it might have got as big as “Eight Miles High”, which it emulates to stunning effect.

This last volume opens with two incredible tracks, the first from the curiously spelt Frut of the Loom (looks like Früt of the Loom in label scans) which alone could have spawned the entire Greek garage revival scene with its moody onslaught. This was a private press and by the looks of it on Popsike, still very cheap to get hold of. I realised at the last minute I had somehow missed including The JuJus on previous volumes, so I stuck “You Treat Me Bad” on here in panic. Most of you will know this often-comp’ed garage classic, but it’s still one of my favourite groups on one of my favourite labels, Fenton. Get the 2009 JuJus retrospective on Cicadelic if you haven’t yet! And that’s The Chessmen (yes, the ones who cut the immortal “I Need You There”) on the cover, who were featured on #2 with “No More”.


01 Frut of the Loom – One Hand In Darkness Loom 67101, 1967
02 The JuJus – You Treat Me Bad Fenton 1004, 1966
03 The Fashions – All Alone CNR 9895, 1967
04 The Nomads – Time Remains J&S 1001, 1967
05 The Coachmen – Lovelight unreleased
06 The Chateaus – I’m the One Boss 9912, 1965
07 Phil & The Frantics – Where Am I Running to? Voxx VXM 200.011 1985
08 Little Phil & The Nightshadows – In the Air Gay 3031, 1966
09 The Hustlers – Destination Nowhere Gear Fab 204, 2003
10 Art Guy – Teenage Millionaire Valiant 762, 1967
11 The Bittersweett – She Lied Prestige 162, 1967
12 The Shaynes – From My Window Pee Vee 142, 1966
13 The New Order – Why Can’t I? Warner 5863, 1966
14 The Kinetics – I’m Blue Studio City 1033, 1965
15 The Pubs – The Lost Soul Velvet Tone 108, 1966
16 The Sherlocks – Turn Her Down Dot 16890, 1966
17 The Roadrunners – You’re Thinking of Me unreleased
18 Bill & the Psychedelic Band – I’m In Love Lucky 9004, 1967
19 The Yorkshire Puddin’ – Ain’t Gonna Love Ya No More Dellwood 3932, 1967
20 Lonnie & the Legends – I Cried Impression 109, 1966
21 The Innkeepers – Never Should Have Done It Galiko 895, 1966
22 Poverty Five – Cry Cry Cry Thumbs Down 1002, 1966
23 The Starfires – Won’t Die Away G I 4004, 1966
24 The Prophets – You Wonder Why Ikon 504, 1966?
25 The Eyes of Dawn – Time to Be Going Sir John A. 1018, 1967

Date: August 28th, 2012
Cate: rediscovered

Direct Hits | Collisions At Teen Junction

These Direct Hits were from Manchester and are not to be confused with The Direct Hits on Whaam! Records, who were from London. This trio first made it onto vinyl with two tracks on the Manchester compilation Identity Parade (1980). Out of these “Back to the Sixties” is one of my all-time favourite songs and I’d been looking for this LP ever since. Collisions At Teen Junction was self-financed and released under the makeshift name Bootleg Records, probably named after the Bootleg studio where they recorded the whole thing in one day. While it lacks the fidelity, production and punch (mainly due to the sparse lead guitar) of the recordings of “Back to the Sixties” and “Soul Shoes”, the melodies and bass player Kevin Durkin’s songwriting makes it a very enjoyable listen. Apparently Durkin is not interested in a reissue with the band, but in reaction to copies selling on ebay for large amounts he has put the whole thing on youtube (twice, on different accounts!, thanks to Serge for pointing out). This is great of course, but also a bit of a shame, since his vinyl rips reveal that it was a rather cheap and nasty pressing. If the masters are still around, why not give people a chance to hear the songs in remastered form, which I’m sure a number of labels would be ready to pay up for. A lot more info is posted here, and below is one of the most fully realised songs on the LP, “Jenny Remembers”, which reminds me of the slightly later group The Dentists.

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Date: August 27th, 2012
Cate: new releases

Needles//Pins | 12:34

Here it is, the debut LP from Vancouver’s trashy powerpop trio Needles//Pins on the Mammoth Cave label. Two guys and one girl who will make you sweat, whether you’re jogging in blistering heat or dancing drunkenly in the safety of your room. At least if the 20 minutes it lasts for is enough for you to break out a sweat. The music is in much the same vein as early White Wires, and for some reason it seems Canada is the place to be right now if you wished every band sounded like The Barracudas playing Ramones. Every song on this album is so chock-full of hooks it would be a pun to call them catchy. “Drop It”, “Pulse” and “Hale Bop” are all songs I can’t get sick of even after 4 consecutive plays. 12:34 feels immediate, with the rush of a live recording and you can hardly notice the guitar over-dubs throughout. This is the best release I’ve heard from Mammoth Cave since the Ketamines LP, and you should pick up a copy here. If you like this, I’d also recommend Impo & Tents‘ two great 7″s released this year.

Date: August 27th, 2012
Cate: new releases

Chain & the Gang | The Bag I’m In

Chain & the Gang go all-out garage rock on this brilliant cover of The Fabs, who cut the famous two-sider “Dinah Wants Religion” b/w “That’s the Bag I’m In”.

If Svenonious and gang’s In Cold Blood is one of the year’s most consistently great albums, then the tape that “The Bag I’m In” is on is one of its best compilations. Not much have lived up to the standard of the Yeti comps or the World’s Lousy With Ideas series, except maybe last year’s Nerves tribute LP. But the Summer of Fuzz cassette put together by Fuzz City and the Acid Kat zine is a very real contender. Apart from Chain & the Gang, it also features current garage rock luminaries White Mystery, Burnt Ones and Adam Widener. Widener (previously of Bare Wires) has released two great 45s, the latest of which is on Fuzz City with one of those tracks featured one the tape. Not surprisingly Matthew Melton (Bare Wires main man) runs the Fuzz City label.

But even among the lesser names on the tape you’ll be sure to find new favourites. In particular I’m thinking of Wax Witches (offering all their songs for free on facebook!), Sauna, Nightmare Boyzzz and Cocktails. Looking forward to digging deeper and checking them all out. The tape is available for the measly sum of $5 from Fuzz City, where you can also pick up the brand new Burnt Ones 45.

Date: August 25th, 2012
Cate: Music

Record Turnover @ Brooklyn, Sweden festival 31 aug

I’m going to DJ next weekend at the Brooklyn, Sweden festival at Debaser & Amiralen in Malmö. I’m on after Dum Dum Girls’ set, until 3am, and I’ll doubtlessly play some of my favourite Brooklyn bands (that they should have booked) like German Measles, Coasting, Beach Fossils, caUSE co-MOTION! etc. I’ve so far had the pleasure of playing records at gigs by Beach Fossils, La Sera, Ganglians and Bass Drum of Death and I’m really looking forward to this 2-day event, which takes place in Malmö and Stockholm simultaneously.

Date: August 25th, 2012
Cate: new releases

The React! & Tranzmitors

La-Ti-Da Records is a name that hasn’t stuck even though I see now that they released the Maxines ep last year. However, the Vancouver label will definitely make a name for themselves with their recent slew of singles from The React!, Tranzmitors, Needles//Pins and more. The React! is a new powerpop act from their local Vancouver and their first single “Sounds That I’ve Heard” is an amped up pop classic with a psychedelic tinge. Turn it over for the absolutely timeless beauty of “Only Living For You”, which must count as among the best powerpop ballads of recent years. The vocals here remind me of The Saturday People and later group featuring Terry Banks called Julie Ocean. They recorded a brilliant album 4 years ago, and this is of the same stuff.

Bassist Mike Flintoff and guitarist Jeff McCloy usually play in the Tranzmitors, and one of their first singles “Some Girls” actually came out on La-Ti-Da as early as 2006. After the double barrage of their 2010 singles “You Get Around” and “Sunday Morning”, the Tranzmitors are back with a new 45 on La-Ti-Da, called “Concrete Depression”. Again it’s the flip that gets my attention, “A Little Bit Closer” really gets into the British mod revival sound they are so great at emulating. Actually there’s also another Tranzmitors 45 out this year, on their own (?) React! Records. You can stream “I See the Writing On the Wall” and the flip here. It sounds more like they’re getting into Useless Eaters territory on this one, and it works well, while the b-side “Dream Our Dreams Away” again is more classic powerpop Tranzmitors-style.

I’d also like to mention Needles//Pins, whom I first heard with their 2010 tape First World Problems, but they’ve apparently released one 45 since then. Now they’re back with a new one on La-Ti-Da, and “Getting On Home” sounds so great I can’t wait to hear their brand new debut on Mammoth Cave, entitled 12.34.

Date: August 23rd, 2012
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

SIDE43 | podcast

Since the recent garage podcast (SIDE39) ended up so well, I decided to make another one with tracks I’d missed or forgotten on the next 30 volumes of USA Garage Greats. I’m still not much further in than first 60 volumes anyway. Quite a lot of unknown tracks on this one, as well as a few legends. The Gentlemen I have mentioned previously in the post about The Sweetarts, and it looks like Misty Lane have put out a 4-track reissue EP with the Gentlemen track. The Scavengers have a great folkrock sound, and three tracks by them appear on the brilliant The Best of IGL: Folkrock. I’ve put some EQ on their track because the pressing sounded very weak. Giles Strange is actually Jerry Goldstein of The Strangeloves, and thanks goes to Flower Bomb Songs for the label scan used for the cover. Us Kids were literally kids, of the age of 13 when this record was cut, and there’s a great feature on them over at Garage Hangover. Check out the flip here.


The No-Na-Mee’s – Just Wanna Be Myself Era
The Gentlemen – It’s a Cry’n Shame Vandan
The Shady Daze – I’ll Make You Pay USA
The Tribe – Fickle Little Girl Fenton
The Pictorian Skiffuls – In Awhile Skifful
The Innkeepers – A Man Can Tell Six Cents
The Mystic Five – It Doesn’t Matter Mystic
The Scavengers – But If You’re Happy IGL
The Morning Dew – Look At Me Now Fairyland
Giles Strange – Watch the People Dance Boom
Ron Gray – Hold Back the Sunrise HBR
The Green Beans – Superstition Mercury
The Wee Four – Weird Nu Sound LTD
The Rockin’ Ramrods – She Lied Bon Bon
The Esquires – Sadie’s Way Alley
Us Kids – Check Out Rex
The Saxons – Things Been Bad Saxon
Terry Knight & The Pack – Numbers Lucky Eleven
Mike Alexander & The Visions – Your Day Has Come Richie
The Shyres – Where Is Love Cori
The Glory Rhodes – Not That Kind of Guy U-Doe
The Fifth Estate – That’s Love Jubilee
The Rare Breed – In the Night Cool As a Moose
The Missing Links – I Told You I Loved You Jowar

Date: August 20th, 2012
Cate: rediscovered
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The Gentle Touch

The Gentle Touch is an unknown pop-psych group with female vocalists, who released 3 singles on American label Kapp in 1967-68. Best known of these seems to be the final one featuring a version of “Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy” popularized by soul group The Tams in the same year. Their first single was actually a radio jingle written for a jewelers, called “A Maier & Berkele Diamond Ring”. It was first released locally by the company themselves, before Kapp picked it up and had them rework it as “My One and Only Diamond Ring” and issued it with a new b-side.

Their middle single was first introduced to me through a cover version by Greek group The Happy Balloon, whose only album otherwise consists of much more well-known sunshine pop compostions, such as “Temma Harbour”. I heard the original on the Lost Jukebox series, and it remains one of my favourite songs. The image above is from a recent ebay auction, but the 45 seems easier to find as a UK release on London (their only international release as far as I know, which says something of the song’s quality, written by one Fred Haber). At least that’s the version I just secured a copy of.

The fact that the jewelers, who existed until recent years, were from Atlanta, Georgia, suggests that the group were of similar origins. Here’s their discography. Not to be confused with the Toronto group of the same name, whose lone 45 on RCA Victor has been compiled on Wyld Canada.

Kapp 836: “My One and Only Diamond Ring” / “Rain, Rain, Rain”, 1967
Kapp 871: “Among the First to Know” / “Merry Go Round”, 1967
Kapp 882: “Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy” / “Rainbows “, 1968

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Date: August 20th, 2012
Cate: rediscovered
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Hissey Miyake & Terrible Truths

Two of my new favourite bands are from Australia, and I like them even more than their male countrymen in Bitch Prefect and Dud Pills. Hissey Miyake (named after Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake, although they’re now called Glow) are from Melbourne and have just released their first single, which is a split with the equally great Terrible Truths from Adelaide. It would be easy to dismiss/praise them as Teenage Jesus & the Jerks and Delta 5 copyists, but closer listens will reveal much more originality than that. Recent live clips from the single launch (as well as the video above) suggest that Hissey Miyake have become a duo (Glow) by ridding themselves of the drummer. If this will prove successful remains to be heard.

Terrible Truths on the other hand, are going strong with a brand new US single (out now on Mexican Summer) featuring “Don Juan” from the split and an a-side lifted off their first domestic release (a s/t ep from last year, which is now sold out). The split-7″ with HM is still avaible from Bedroom Suck, and here’s a great track from the Terrible Truths side.

Date: August 17th, 2012
Cate: graphic design

Mao Disney

Mao Disney is a new club night in Glasgow. I’m doing some work for them currently, here’s a draft I’m quite happy with. Set in Precious Sans and Precious Serif by British foundry G-Type.