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Date: July 20th, 2012
Cate: rediscovered

SIDE40 | podcast

Here’s a mix for everyone still stuck in the office! Usually with northern soul, I’ve always picked the fast-paced stompers for dj sets, mixes or radio shows. But there are a whole lot of mellow movers that deserve attention. This could be ones I’ve put on mixes for people or dj’ed in near-empty venues, so it’s about time I share some favourites with people who follow Record Turnover here or on facebook. Most of these mid-tempo cuts are from Goldmine compilations (since I am wealthy enough to own about 3 original northern 45s), especially the excellent Allnighter 5-volume set. Also, a couple of reliable Okeh sides, and even one blue-eyed soul classic straight outta Scotland. Keep it cool, and hang on for the second part coming soon(er or later).


The Cashmeres – Showstopper Hem
Jewel Akens – My First Lonely Night Era
Linda Jones – Just Can’t Live My Life Warner Bros.
Rhonda Davis – Can You Remember Duff
Martha Starr – Sweet Temptation Charay
Miki Farrow – Could It Be Karate
The Commands – No Time For You Back Beat
The Fantastic Four – As Long As the Feeling Is There Ric-Tic
The Dynamics – Whenever I’m With You Top Ten
The Little Foxes – So Glad Your Love Don’t Change Okeh
The Inverts – Time Will Change Broadway
Dena Barnes – Who Am I (You Ought to Know) Inferno
Gerri Granger – Castle In the Sky Big Top
Monique – If You Love Me, Show Me Maurci
T.J. Williams & Two Shades of Soul – Baby I Need You Josie
Johnny Rogers – Make a Chance (Amon)
Sandy Wynns – I’ll Give That to You (Simco)
Ruby Winters – Better (Diamond)
The Exits – Under the Street Lamp (Gemini)
The Opals – You’re Gonna Be Sorry (Okeh)
The Lollipops – Step Aside Baby (Impact)
Rhetta Hughes – Cry Myself to Sleep (Shotgun)
Ray & Dave – Wrong, Wrong, Wrong (Mica)
Frankie & Johnny – I’ll Hold You (Decca)

Date: July 19th, 2012
Cate: new releases

Missing Monuments & First Times

Out of my belated discoveries this year, two bands have had LPs on Douchemaster: Mean Jeans (whose 2012 follow-up did sadly not live up to the hyper Ramones-fix that was their debut), and Missing Monuments. How I could have missed out on the latter escapes me, since King Louie’s history is ram-packed with bands I like (Bad Times and The Exploding Hearts just to name a few). The upcoming 7″ on Hozac is better than anything on last year’s Painted White LP though. Check out the video for “(I’m Gonna) Love You Back to Life” here, but the real gold is “Another Girl” which you can hear below.

Finland has suddenly spewed out two of its best bands since the Micragirls. All-girl punks The Splits have already released the Ghosts 7″ on local label Airiston, and are now set for their debut LP that comes compliments of P. Trash. Kiki of The Splits is also the vocalist in the new, more powerpop-oriented First Times. Their first EP comes out on Combat Rock soon, but can also be had through P. Trash. Check out two of the songs below!

Date: July 15th, 2012
Cate: rediscovered

SIDE39 | podcast

The compilation series USA Garage Greats started on the old Twilight Zone blog in 2008, and Gyro1966 posted about 175 volumes before the blog was shut down. It’s a very important archive of American garage singles, since it contains hundreds of releases that have never been compiled before, often with superior sound to more ‘legit’ compilations that were also just recorded straight from stock or promo copies. It’s been the main source for many mixes I’ve made, including the Bitter Bells series, since Gyro1966 usually included the flipsides too, which is were the moody or downbeat ballads are to be found. As I’ve been working my way through the series, I’ve seldom had the time opportunity to listen back. The other day I was doing just that though, and ended up with a lot of rediscovered tracks from the first 30 volumes or so. So here they are in one neat package. The Rogues here,are an early incarnation of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. The a-side of the single “One Day” is included on the WCPAEB comilation Volume One, but not this excellent variation on “Hey Joe”.


The Galaboochees – It’ll Never Work Out
The Others – I Can’t Stand This Love, Goodbye
Mike Reynolds – When Will I Find Her
The Lykes of Us – Tell Me Why Your Light Shines
Nobody’s Children – Girl – I Need You
The Innsmen – I Don’t Know
Peter & The Prophets – Don’t Need Your Lovin’
The Drones – You Can’t Use Me No More
The Go-Betweens – Have You For My Own
The Tills – One Sided Love
Denny Provisor – It Really Tears Me Up
The Burgundy Runn – Stop!
The Medallions – Leave Me Alone
The Shandells – Caroline
The Lil’ Boys Blue – I’m Not There
The Continentals – Almost a Man
Dale & The Devonaires – Will It Be Easy
The Mysterions – Why Should I Love You
Jimmy Null & The Inversions – I Still Care For You
The Rogues – Wanted: Dead Or Alive
The Puddin’ Heads – Now You Say We’re Through
The Bad Roads – Blue Girl
The Run-a-Rounds – I Couldn’t Care Less
The Barons – I Hope I Please You
The Smoke (NZ) – Never Trust Another Woman

Date: July 15th, 2012
Cate: rediscovered
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The Inner Mystiques

Recently, Greek blog That’s Cool, That’s Trash shared a set of demos by The Inner Mystiques. I’m not sure if they have ever been publicly available before, but it’s a crime that these songs have never been properly released or recorded. George Rigas who is the owner of the blog used to play in The Walking Screams, and along with the drummer he subsequently joined The Inner Mystiques. The band was started by John Alexopoulos of The Sound Explosion, and he’s pictured above during that band’s prime time (image courtesy of Flower Bomb Songs, who have posted a five-part feature about their early history).

The Sound Explosion was Greece’s first garage revival group, whose only album was part of the seminal Teen Trash series on Music Maniac. But these songs, demo’ed in 2000, outshines their entire output. Without relying on cover version, John’s 9 compostions easily match the best of Chesterfields Kings early originals, with a simple sound centered around a 12-string Vox. The vocals too, would give Greg Provost a run for his money. With a name derived from The Chocolate Watchband, a more suitable reference would be The JuJus or other teenpunk 60’s groups.

Check out the frenetic “It Was a Rainy Night” below, and be sure to get hold of the whole set here. Also, an interview with John, originally published in the Lost In Tyme magazine, where both of his groups are discussed is posted on Perfect Sound Forever.


Date: July 15th, 2012
Cate: graphic design, Music

SIDE38 | club night

The next club night will be graced by Stuart of Psychedelic Flu’s presence. Psychedelic Flu is a Copenhagen-based night normally happening at Drone or Din Nye Ven. Hopefully this will be the start of more inter-Öresund collaboration. To get you in the mood I’ve also compiled a new playlist for you to enjoy, click the icon below to play.


På Besök 28/7
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Date: July 13th, 2012
Cate: graphic design


Today is my final day at Kontrapunkt, and it has been 6 incredible months. I have learnt more than I could have hoped, and being here has been fun but also helped me keep my focus during a difficult last month. I am currently looking for new opportunities in Copenhagen, Malmö and around the world. As I gradually update my portfolio, I will post a few samples here. Right now, if the weather holds up, the course is set for the beach!

Date: July 10th, 2012
Cate: new releases

Grey Gardens & Manic Attracts

Canadian group Manic Attracts released one of my favourite albums of last year, but recently Clint Lofkrantz has recorded a few songs on his own under the moniker Grey Gardens (probably not the first time the Maysels’ film has become a band name!). Four songs are up on soundcloud, along with a cover of a Chromatics tune. Sounds great, and in even better news Manic Attracts are recording another album, which will be fantastic judging by the two demos on the same site.