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Date: November 29th, 2011
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

Felt singles

While we’re working on getting Paul Kelly’s film Lawrence of Belgravia screened in Malmö, here’s an imaginary record sleeve for you. If we do have a srceening I would like this set to be played before and after the film. Despite the effort made with Stains On a Decade, a comprehensive Felt singles collection has yet to be released. Knowing how displeased Lawrence is with some of the recordings, it will probably never happen (he left a track off The Strange Idols Pattern… in the otherwise  faithful Cherry Red reissue series for crissake!)

The design inspired by innovative cover of the original Creation LP Bubblegum Perfume. Innovative, since the back only said “check spine for tracklisting” in enormous type and, of course, the tracklisting was printed on the LP spine. I like the idea of thinking of these songs as one long segment of music rather than individual songs, which is reflected in the design of the gatefold inside (below). All of the 34 songs could technically fit on two discs, which incidentally divide the songs into Cherry Red and Creation releases. The back cover would just be green, naturally.

Another reason I had for creating these is that I recently managed to track down mp3s of the last few songs that I was missing. Many of them have not been reissued yet, like the b-side to “Index” e.g. (I do however see the pointlessness of doing that since they’re basically the same song).

Date: November 26th, 2011
Cate: new releases

Curlee Wurlee! & The Love Me Nots

A couple of albums here, that may not make it into the top 20 this year but certainly worth checking out if you like bands such as Les Terribles and The Come Ons. In other words, modern day garage rock, and in the case of Curlee Wurlee! also 60s instrumentals and yé-yé. This German group led by French-born singer Cécile Musy has already released three albums, the first, She’s a Pest (after the The Insects track no doubt), came out ten years ago. The new album …Likes Milk is less lo-fi, and even manages to match The Bristols’ perfect production on a couple of tracks.

The Love Me Nots from Phoenix have a much more American heritage, with a full-on Detroit sound and a singer with a similar style to Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O. Their influences are purely 60s though and for such an idiosyncratic group they recieved plenty of attention upon their 2006 debut In Black & White. I however, hadn’t heard them until this year, which saw the release of their 4th longplayer The Demon & the Devotee. The album shows no progression from its predecessors, but is still a solid effort and as much worth checking out as those.

Date: November 23rd, 2011
Cate: rediscovered
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SIDE28 | club night

The first list to be published this year is of the best songs I’ve been introduced to this year, but weren’t released now. My favourite songs of 2011 will be published in a different form. You’ll only be able to hear these songs as a DJ set only, currently planned for the dates below. If you can’t make it to either of those events, most of the songs have been on podcasts or mixes posted by me throughout the year anyway, so you shoud check them out there. I’ve actually got another two podcasts coming before this, hence the number ’28’!

Malmö | Dec 6th
10pm to 1am @ På Besök
Nobelvägen 73

Auckland | Dec 21st
7pm to late @ The Golden Dawn
Cnr Ponsonby & Richmond Roads

In the poster, that’s The Hi-Fi’s from London and their only LP released on Star Club in Germany in 1967. The Hi-Fi’s were originally on this list with their earlier single “I Keep Forgettin'” (found on a few beat compilations, and also recorded by Normie Rowe), until I heard it was a Chuck Jackson cover. Naturally, original songs must be favoured in a list of this type. Read below for the full list, which is more or less in descending order.
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Date: November 23rd, 2011
Cate: graphic design

Record sleeve of the year

It’s almost time for the musical round-up posts of the year, especially since I will be away for the last few weeks of the year. But let me start by saying that I think this is the best LP cover I’ve seen this year, when most of the best records have visually ranged from generic to hideous (C.M. Ruiz’s efforts aside). This record is the first vinyl reissue of The June Brides’ material, and the selection was made by the label Social Music. It’s a small pressing, and the artwork was done by one Gregg Einhorn, Yeti collaborator and perhaps most well known for his design of award-winning erotic books. Looking at his other work, this design seems like a freak of genius on a completely different level. Such a simple idea, and so well executed. This is the back cover. I only found this the other week, and if I hadn’t, I would’ve been hard pressed to choose a favourite from the past year. Other sleeves that deserve mention are Testbild!’s Barrikad, and Christmas’ self-titled debut.

Date: November 15th, 2011
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

SIDE25 | mix

And here is the third volume of moody jangle compilation series Bitter Bells – only one left to go now! Well, actually two new volumes are in the works, bringing the count up to six. This time we’ve got Dutch beat and psych masters Golden Earrings on the cover. Volume 3 is perhaps a bit less moody than its predecessors, but still high on the jangle. The most unexpected tracks come from The Suns of Mourning with an almost Zombies-standard ballad, Left Banke-affiliated The Birth of Spring, and Our Gang’s Buddy Holly cover from the b-side of garage monster “Careless Love”. Some of the bands even verge on folk rock, like The Black Sheep, The Empty Set, The Birdwatchers and Brian Arthur.

The big standouts for me are Dale & the Devonaires who kick off the comp with one of most immense intros ever, The Squires b-side and alltime fave “Go Ahead”, the completely unexpected Mark IV who were on the very first USA Garage Greats bootleg, and of course the flips from The Lost Souls and The Lemon Drops!

Please note that The Tikis is not the equally great pre-Harpers Bizarre group, but a bunch of Indiana teens. The Black Sheep (also of “It’s My Mind” fame) was a pre-Brewer & Shipley group. “I’m Feeling Down” was also cut by The Poor with a different title. “Nobody to Love” by Sonics Inc. is considered the rarest garage 45 in the world, according to G45 Central, and will also feature on my G100 comps.


1. Dale & The Devonaires – Never Be Free IGL 166, 1966
2. The Trademarks – If I Was Gone Palmer 5018, 1967
3. The Black Sheep – I’m Feeling Down Columbia 4-43974, 1967
4. The Drones – When I’m With You Drone, 1967
5. The Birdwatchers – I Have No Worried Mind Mala 548, 1966
6. The Suns of Mourning – I’m Not Worth It Midgard 204, 1966
7. The Black Ravens – Wipe Those Teardrops B &R 201.131, 1966
8. The Escorts – My Only Love TEO 105, 1966
9. Sonics Inc. – Nobody to Love Sonics SP0003, 1966
10. The Lost Souls – The Girl I Love Bang 509, 1965
11. The Tikis – Careful What You Say Fujimo 6139, 1966
12. The Empty Set – Tomorrow Is a Long Time Coral 62485, 1966
13. The Lemon Drops – Listen Girl Rembrant 5009, 1967
14. The Mark IV – Hey Girl (Won’t You Listen) Giantstar 405, 1966
15. The Birth of Spring – Cause You Lied to Me Mercury 72687, 1967
16. The Vandals – My Girl Big Rock 511, 1965
17. The Toads – Leaving It All Behind Decca 318470, 1965
18. The Rumbles – Fourteen Years Mercury 72600, 1966
19. The Night Crawlers – You Say Maad 51166, 1965
20. Brian Arthur – What Can You Do With a Broken Heart? Coral 62497, 1968
21. The Off Set – You’re a Drag Brent 7053, 1967
22. The Squires – Go Ahead Atco 6442, 1966
23. Our Gang – Heartbeat Warrior 21166, 1966

Date: November 15th, 2011
Cate: Design

Highpoint I & II

I need to make a point of going here next time I’m in London. The Highpoint flats were built above Hampstead in the 1930’s by the Tecton Group, founded by Georgian architect Berthold Lubetkin. One of their first commissions was the innovative penguin pool at London Zoo, as seen recently in one of Moholy-Nagy’s BBC films included in Rediscovered Photography of László Moholy-Nagy (Malmö Art Gallery, 18/2-1/5 2011).

I first heard about Highpoint I in Paul Kelly & Bob Stanley’s film Finisterre (2002) but I had unwittingly seen it countless of times, as Steed pulls up by Mrs. Peel’s apartment in The Avengers. Unlike seasons 1-3, which were mainly shot in a studio (the first one even broadcast live), season 4 included a lot of outdoors footage, and the view of the entrance to Emma Peel’s home became familiar.

You can read more about both the Highpoint buildings on Housing Prototypes, where there are also plenty of photos and sections.

Date: November 8th, 2011
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

SIDE24 | podcast

Back with another podcast already, in fact this one was put together weeks ago and contains tracks I’ve DJed at various venues recently. It made up as hour long DJ set, with mainly sixties 45s from Europe, Australia and the USA. Not much else to say, this scorching set should speak for itself. Tracklisting below.

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Date: November 8th, 2011
Cate: new releases

Coasting & Wax Idols

This was meant to be a post about two albums I’m looking forward too, but since the 25th of October the debut LP from Wax Idols is already out. Led by Heather Fortune (also in Blasted Canyons that deserves admiration too), Wax Idols have given Hozac one of the best albums of the year. It stands up well to repeated listens, centred around the immaculate pop song “Gold Sneakers”. While I liked the “All Too Human” single from earlier this year, it didn’t impress me as much as The Shrapnelles offering on the same label. No Future is a completely different story.

This one’s not out for a few more days, but I’ve put in my preorder. Coasting’s debut LP comes to us via the consistently tasteful M’Lady’s, who also have a Grass Widow 7″ in the works at the moment. It’s called You’re Never Going Back, and judging by the taster track “Portland” the sound is less lo-fi and the songwriting more timeless. It’s a fantastic song and a really good vocal from Madison. It looks like the album contains new versions of three tracks from the previous 3 singles (and one split with Reading Rainbow), which have sold out quite fast. But M’Lady’s currently have a few copies of the Group Tightener 7″, and it might also have passed you by that there is a Coasting singles set on Spotify. Actually, the new album is already up there!

Date: November 8th, 2011
Cate: graphic design, new releases

Record #6

This is the last of the albums I designed this year: the debut from Stockholm’s Top Sound. Top Sound released their first single on the Friendly Noise label (now an online magazine) in 2009. It’s been a long road to the completion of the album, which they are releasing themselves on Ça Ira. This is the vinyl above, which should be up for order soon, but it’s also released on cd in a digipak with slightly adapted artwork in different colours. The typefaces used are Eureka Sans and Eureka Regular (for the credits), and the inspiration came from a few paintings by Poul Gernes.

Date: November 2nd, 2011
Cate: graphic design, Music

SIDE23 | podcast

The new podcast went up last night on mixcloud, follow Record Turnover there to get automatic updates. It features the new Frowning Clouds single, The Bonniwells and Straight Arrows (all three featured here recently), as well as a return single from the great Hollows (released by small, Livingstone-based mailorder Softpower Vinyl), The Spits (their 5th album is out NOW), Bare Wires (new album on Southpaw!), new Audacity, Outer Minds of course, and the German garage group Curlee Wurlee! that I’ve ignored for too long. If you liked Les Terribles, The Bristols and Cecilia et Ses Ennuis you’ll love their (now) three albums.

Apart from the all the great new tunes, there’s a fair share of garage revival groups from the 90s (like Greek legends The Cardinals and The Meanie Geanies) and 80s (Cheepskates, The Things, The What…For! and a real obscurity from The Crickle only available on the Garage Sale cassette comp). Since I’ve bothered to jot down the tracklisting I’ve posted it below anyway. I’m actually working on a download compilation similar to Children of Nuggets, with more recent bands or simply ones I just like better.

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