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Date: June 28th, 2011
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered
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SIDE16 | mix

Quick on the heels of the new podcast I’ve put together a compilation of Dutch beat and garage from the 60s, commonly known as Nederbeat. Now, my first encounter with this phenomenon was probably on Nuggets II, when the Sound Magics track quickly became one of my favourite songs ever. But other than that, I couldn’t really understand people like Lenny Helsing’s obsession with obscure Nederbeat groups. Until now. There really is no other type of music that will suit you better if you’re in garagerock that’s heavy on the moody minor keys or amped-up British Invastion-style beat.

There have been countless compilations of Nederbeat, from the three volumes of Pebbles dedicated solely to Dutch groups, to original Dutch 60s label Op Art’s Beat Express reissue series, and the Nederbeat 63-69 comps now available as a box set. Some of my favourites include Dutch Beat Explosion!, DownBeat and Living In the Past. Here I have compiled a CD’s worth of my favourites from these as well a a few uncompiled songs that I’ve found thanks to the incredible database. There were quite a few groups who made it big (like Cuby & the Blizzards, Shocking Blue, The Golden Earrings etc.) but I’ve tried to skip the all too obvious choices. Also, I’ve included some tracks by newer  groups like The Kik (who I just posted about) and the veterans in The Waistcoats, and a couple of songs by Lenny Helsing’s groups, who’ve always specialised in top drawer Dutch obscurities.

This is the best mix I’ve made in ages, I think, and the full tracklist is below. But if I had to pick a few standouts it would definitely be The Sparklings “Now It’s Your Turn to Cry” which is the most mind-numbing freakbeat cut outside the UK (once covered by The Thanes, naturally), The Goldstar Brothers’ Hollies-tinged “May Be” (the b-side of the single I used for the cover above), and of course Q65’s lost masterpiece “Feel Her Still” that wasn’t recovered until 1997.

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Date: June 28th, 2011
Cate: graphic design

Danish Faces

Danish Faces arranged the Conceptual Type conference last year. Now, they’ve created a simple Indexhibit site with videos of the talks by the most famous speakers, like Erik Spiekermann and Rick Poynor. A great chance for anyone who missed the single day of type mayhem to hear some of the discussions. Here’s what one of my favourite type designers Peter Bil’ak had to say.

Date: June 26th, 2011
Cate: new releases, rediscovered
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SIDE15 | podcast

A great mix this time of brand new tracks from Army Navy (from the upcoming second album The Last Place), Peach Kelli Pop (Allie from White Wires’ lo-fi side project), Night Beat’s psych masterpiece of a debut LP on Trouble In Mind, new Greek garage from The Barbara Farmers, the Swimsuit debut on Speakertree, and Comet Gain’s long-awaited Edwyn Collins-produced LP. We have two new bands from Glasgow, Honey and the Herbs and Nico’s Bike (ex-Lungleg) who’ve just released a download single on Bubblegum. You’ll also find some great discoveries from yester-yore, like the 80s mod-revival group The Corsairs, legendary 60s song-writer Paul Martin, the Rod & Carolyn 45 on Pye, and little-known mod group A Wild Uncertainty.

Most notably, we’ve got a track from the Indian Wars full-length just released by Bachelor, following a fantastic 7″ recorded with help from fellow Vancouverites Dead Ghosts. It’s a great album, but better still, and definitely the best record of the year so far (along with the Christmas LP on CMRTYZ) is another Dead Ghosts-related project.

Manic Attracts have been releasing singles for a few years now, since two members of Dead Ghosts started the group. They don’t share members anymore, so perhaps Manic Attracts are now evolving beyond the studio project it started as. Their first LP just dropped on Dead Beat, filled with 11 noisy gems in the same vein as Dead Ghosts’ “Bad Vibes” single, if not with even more guitar squall. CM Ruiz has done it again and designed a great cover, though apparently this one took quite some time.

Date: June 23rd, 2011
Cate: graphic design, new releases

The Kik

I’ve got an upcoming post about Dutch picture sleeves from the 60’s, but first, here’s a single released on Record Store Day 2011. A simple but classic retro design, and the group is none other than The Kik: the new band formed by the singers of The Netherlands twin beat revival sensation The Madd + Mark & the Spies. Both bands split about a year ago, but already The Kik is working on their first LP. The a-side sounds like a classic M&S composition, and is sure to get a spot on the Nederbeat compilation I’m currently working on. On the b-side Dave von Raven sings a cut way above the average on the… average second Madd LP. You should also check out this radio session with another great original. Hopefully they’ll record “Love Is Where You Are”, of which Raven has put up an iPhone demo. The original by Rod & Carolyn is a firm favourite here at Record Turnover and in fact slated for the next podcast.

Date: June 9th, 2011
Cate: graphic design, Music

SIDE 14 | club night

Summer is upon us. Record Turnover returns with another event at På Besök. Connoisseurs of ale and pop music alike pay heed. You’ll get to hear all the fantastic songs I’ve been making lists of since May, in a bar setting. Cuts by Wimple Winch, The Accents and The Kirbys will mingle with The Mystreated, The Event of course, and new sounds from Os Haxixins,  Sea Pinks and The Shrapnelles. And don’t forget to listen to our modcast!