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Date: December 29th, 2010
Cate: new releases


Here’s one of many records I have missed this year. This, the Canadian group’s second album came out earlier in the year on Dirtnap. Girly Girly Girly from 2008 is a hard one to beat, but I think they manage it.

Here are some other great records I recently found came out this year:

Vic Godard & the Subway Sect We Come As Aliens (Demolition)
Miss Chain & the Broken Heels On a Bittersweet Ride (Screaming Apple)
Sonny & the Sandwitches s/t EP (Endless Nest)
Eux Autres Broken Bow (Bons Mots)

Next up: top albums of 2010!

Date: December 22nd, 2010
Cate: new releases, rediscovered
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SIDE4 | podcast

The first Record Turnover club night went down well, and there should be another one in the new year sometime. Read the full playlist below, and check out playlists from two guest dj sets I did last week on Facebook.

While you’re reading up on those obscurities, you can sit down and relax to the first Record  Turnover podcast, which brings us up to SIDE4. I’ve used Mixcloud to host it, saving you the trouble of having to download it. I’m not completely happy with how it works, so I’m not sure I’d use it in the future. But anyway, stream it at my Mixcloud page. Here’s the tracklisting:

Lover! – I’ll Be There
The Mystreated – Wait and
The Maharajas – I Still Believe
John English III & The Heathens – Some People
Dean Ford & The Gaylords – Mr. Heartbreak’s Here Instead
The Resonars – Under the Blazing Stars
The Starfires – Won’t Die Away
Brym-Stonz Ltd. – Times Gone By
Chalk and Numbers – When Summer Is Through
Les Bellas – I Love You
The Loons – Diamonds, Garbage & Gold
Miss Chain & The Broken Heels – My Gang
The Sugar Stems – I Don’t Wanna Be Around You
The Test Patterns – Crazy Over You
Zipper – Sr. Increíble
The Tartans – Scenic Circles
Girls Names – I Lose
Audacity – Rama Donna
Myelin Sheaths – Chemistry Lessons
The Human Expression – I Don’t Need Nobody
The Trodden Path – In This World I Need Love
Army Navy – Dark As Days

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Date: December 18th, 2010
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

SIDE3 | G100 PT.1

The next SIDE is the first of a four-part compilation. Recently I’ve been tracking down the songs on the G100: an attempt to create something like Kev Roberts list of the top 500 northern soul songs, but for the 60s garage community. So far the 300 most collectable 45s have been researched, but I’m sure the list is already a few years old, since several songs listed as uncompiled have since appeared on comps or over at Garage Hangover.

Anyway, I thought it was a good idea to compile the first 100 songs on 4 cds, since the songs are spread out over almost as many compilations (which the comps are you can see from the tags). I was eventually able to find mp3s of all entries and in the cases where I had both the A and B sides, I chose my favourite side. Around this I have designed a box set made of newsprint, the function of which will be revealed after I’ve posted all four parts.

The first part is here, and it includes entries 1 through 25.

Date: December 12th, 2010
Cate: rediscovered

The Resonars

Best band I’ve heard since Army Navy is one-man-band The Resonars, who have been around since the  mid-90s . I’m really enjoying going through their catalogue (six albums so far, the latest out on Burger last year), starting with Bright and Dark from 1999. Check out the Hollies-esque “Marina” below.

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Date: December 11th, 2010
Cate: Music

Chimney Guest

Speaking of powerpop: two more things. 1) It’s almost time to round up the best 10 albums and singles of the year, and one LP that will definitely make it is Sweet Sounds of the Sugar Stems. If I’d been a good boy and checked Fire Escape Talking regularly I would have heard of  The Sugar Stems much earlier: following the untimely breakup of The Flips, two of them formed this band with some guys and released an album on the always hip Bachelor label.

2) To warm up for the first Record Turnover club night in two weeks I am guesting two other nights to play some records.  First, on the 16th at So Tough! So Cute! with excellent UK group Sex Beet playing live. Then the next day, my new favourite night The Friday Casual to do a powerpop set.

Date: December 11th, 2010
Cate: rediscovered

Unresponsive Ears

How could I have missed this? In 2008, Los Angeles group Army Navy released their self-titled debut and it is one of the best (perhaps thee best) powerpop album of the decade. Probably because it’s from a time when Pitchfork didn’t normally write anything worthwhile, so I didn’t read it. From the looks of it on Facebook, the band have just finished a new album. Below is a cover of Maxine Nightingale’s “Right Back Where We Started From” off of their Soundcloud page, where you can stream the whole 1st LP as well as download a new holiday-themed song.

Date: December 9th, 2010
Cate: graphic design

City tunnel opening

The new train tunnel underneath Malmö opened on Monday. The pass above gives you free travel during its first week – they could have spent a little more time on the design, since thousands of Malmö-ites will get one. Today I took some photos at both ends of my trip, click the image to see them.

Date: December 9th, 2010
Cate: graphic design

Self portrait

Taken with a Canon EOS 400D.

Date: December 8th, 2010
Cate: graphic design, Music


Think that indie record covers have become almost too similar of late? That may be because a lot of our new favourite records have sleeves designed by Seattle-based artist duo CMRTYZ. I won’t pretend I like all their work, but they’ve certainly created some striking covers for bands like Dead Ghosts, Myelin Sheaths, Coconut Coolouts, Cola Freaks, Christmas, Fungi Girls, Dávila 666 etc – some of which they have co-released with the Psychic Lunch label.

23-year-old C.M. Ruiz is one of the guys, and the one who seems to be getting the most attention. He exhibited with Cassie Ramone (Vivian Girls) and Matthew Volz in the New York show Psychedelic Summer a few months ago, and was recently picked by Obey Clothing (initiated by the now legendary Shepard Fairey) for their artist series t-shirts. Where will they go next?

Date: December 5th, 2010
Cate: graphic design, new releases


Photograph by John Chan, 1988, (left) and Wild Nothing’s Gemini, 2010 (right).