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Date: March 21st, 2014
Cate: rediscovered

Double action


The lists of Record Store Day releases have been published, and here are a couple of standouts. Flying Nun are set to reissue the legendary Dunedin Double EP, consisting of two 12″s featuring The Chills, The Stones, Sneaky Feelings and The Verlaines. Originally released in 1982, the label’s second year, it has become one of New Zealand’s most iconic records along with e.g. The Smoke’s “Never Trust Another Woman” from 1967. Also from Flying Nun, we’re getting a reissue of Bored Games’ Who Killed Colonel Mustard ep.


Demon Music are set to release a complete set of Action repro 45s, only available as a box set. This will be the first time The Action’s singles are available since Edsel reissued four out of eight in the early 80s. A great moment indeed.

Date: March 10th, 2014
Cate: Music

Radio Syd


Last weekend I was invited to DJ at Malmö’s premier 60s night, Klubb Radio Syd. Along with resident Marcus Cawood I was also joined by Johanna (who used to run Club Flipside together with Marcus). It was a real honour, and here’s what I played:

Flavor – Heart Teaser Columbia
The Autographs – I Can Do It Okeh
Toni McCann – Saturday Date Zodiac
Los Bohemios – Dame tu cariño Hispavox
Wanderléa – Vou Lhe Contar CBS
Clara Ward – The Right Direction MGM
Gary Walker – You Don’t Love Me CBS
Furia – Furia BP
The Dream – Rebellion Milkcow
Jason Knight – Our Love Is Getting Stronger Pye 2nd
Double Feature – Baby Get Your Head Screwed On Deram
George Cash – The Phantom of My Past Philips
Los Shakers – Break It All Odeon
Ian & the Zodiacs – No Money, No Honey Philips
The Crazy Boys – Si credile Durium
Debra Swisher – You’re So Good To Me Boom
The Dave Clark Five – I’m Thinking Epic
? & the Mysterians – “8″ Teen London
Amanda Humphrey – Power of Love USA
East River Drive – Hard Way to Go Mainstream
The Left Banke – Lazy Day Smash
The Tidal Wave – Searching For Love Buddha
The Plagues – I’ve Been Through It Before Quarantined
The Kinks – Come On Now Pye
Joey Dee & the New Starlighters – How Can I Forget You Caneil
The Evil – From a Curbstone Florida Archive
The Choir – It’s Cold Outside Roulette
Gonn – Don’t Need You’re Lovin’ Dirty Water
The Yo Yo’s – Gotta Find a New Love Goldwax

We also put together a spotify list with some of the tracks we play.
The next night is this Saturday with Sebastian (The Gabb) on the guest decks.

Date: March 10th, 2014
Cate: Music, new releases

Hierophants | Nothing Neu 7″

The Guardian just did a roundup of new Australian bands, failing to mention The Frowning Clouds or Clouds/Ausmuteants side project Hierophants. They have a new single out on Italian label Goodbye Boozy called “Nothing Neu” which mixes Spencer Davis Group with Neu! Also out on the same label is the Clouds’ first single off of the new album. “Beetle Bird” is coupled with a remix by Rhys and Josh from The Horrors.

Date: March 10th, 2014
Cate: Music


Skærmbillede 2014-03-10 kl. 11.27.08

It’s been a busy start of the year, here’s the first assignment of the new semester at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art. This one is about sustainability and based on a case study of British Channel 4 success Utopia. New season coming this year.

Up next, new mix of new releases, some reviews and a couple of interesting design project.
In the meantime, check out Colin’s ace new Hyperion’s Revenge.

Date: January 11th, 2014
Cate: new releases

The Mystery Machine | Wood and Smoke


Anyone who has heard The Children of Nuggets box set will know who The Nashville Ramblers were. Carl Rusk who lead that outfit was previously in a group called The Mystery Machine. Equally obscure, they only played three gigs and had one song released (on the third volume of Battle of the Garages). Rusk played guitar in this group, which also featured singer Ray Brandes who later went on to form The Tell-Tale Hearts with British ex-pat Mike Stax. While the Hearts are often quoted as the best garage revival band, I’m tempted to say the Carl Rusk original “She’s Not Mine” is the best garage tune of the 1980s. The group also looked about as cool as the Music Machine, as you can tell from the incredible footage found on Brandes youtube channel. The band was filmed in 1983, doing covers of The Remains, The Blues Magoos and The Easybeats.

Last summer two new Mystery Machine recordings appeared, “Wood and Smoke” is an original song you can hear above, and “Show Me the Way” is a cover of The Free-For-All’s classic Canadian garage 45 (same band as The Great Scots). “Wood and Smoke” is a very Byrdsian composition with Rusk’s ringing 12-string. The lyrics are good and the solo just nails it. Not surprising really since Stax is still making great records himself in this day and age (with The Loons). If you liked the recent Higher State album, these two songs will be right up your street. You can still only get them on itunes or amazon, but as the picture (above) suggests, let’s hope they get a release on Stax’s Ugly Things label soon.

Date: January 9th, 2014
Cate: new releases

The Kumari x2


One of the best new bands of last year, along with The Neumans, I’ve only just heard. The Kumari had their first 45 put out by Heavy Soul about a year ago. Doesn’t sound like anything else on their roster, pure jangly psychedelic vibes with an authentic American sound typified by their cover of “Don’t You Dare” by The Impacts on the flip (one of the most overlooked songs of the 60s). Led by Claude Pelletier and Benjamin Craven, these guys recorded their new single at The Higher State’s studio in Folkstone, not surprisingly. Lost In Tyme signed them, and now the 4-track EP Watching You is out. They’re not going to cause a big sensation, but for anyone into moody garage it’s clear that this is the best release since last time Frantic V reared their heads. But anyone into popular groups like The See See or The Black Angels are sure to see the qualties of the title track “Watching You”. One of the other three tracks is a cover of  Black and the Blues’ “I’m Sad” on Rigby. Hear it, along with three outtakes from the same session here. All of equal caliber, “Until the Day” might even be their best track, can I guess it will get a State Records release this year?

You’ll actually get a really good deal on their bandcamp, if you download their first 45 you also get two tracks off of the new ep as well as the Spacemen 3 flavoured instro “Kumari”.

Date: January 9th, 2014
Cate: new releases

The Sound Explosion & The Basements | split


Greek label Lost In Tyme is back with an all-domestic release featuring The Basements, whose LP I’m Dead I reviewed two years ago. The top side of this split single is an unreleased cut from Greek legends The Sound Explosion, called “Every Day and Every Night”. This is not a Trolls cover, but a brilliant original sung by the talented John Alexopoulos. Propped up by consistent fuzz and the farfisa as always, this is one of their best tunes.

The Basements’ side is a tough RnB tune called “Stop Rolling”, and once again they’ve taked a stylistic turn. After the debut ep’s straight ’66 moody jangle, to the fuzz-heavy garage of the LP, this is another surprise, but one they pull off extremely well. Better than The Strypes/The 45s at least. The song finishes with a great fuzz rave-up that carries on right through the final chorus.

Date: December 30th, 2013
Cate: graphic design, rediscovered

SIDE64 | Make a Chance


An early Happy New Year to you! I’m heading to London in the morning for New Untouchables’ NYE party. Here’s a danceable mix for you, that I once made for someone’s birthday. Here it is with a new tracklisting, for my own birthday. 28 tracks of garage, psych and soul – one for each year. Not revealing which ones, so download it to see! The Chesmann Square might be one though…

SIDE64 Make a Chance

See you in 2014. (Link updated)

Date: December 28th, 2013
Cate: graphic design, new releases

SIDE63 | 2013:20


Today I was going to celebrate my birthday, cause it’s the 28th and I’m turning 28 on Monday. But since my friends seem to be either sick or away I spent the time making a new podcast instead. If you’ve checked out the spotify playlist I posted yesterday you’ve only heard some of the records I mentioned in my Top 15 lists. Here are 20 more tracks, that you can’t find on spotify, most of them released during the second half of the year. As I was pondering what the best record cover of the year has been, looking through some lists of mostly mediocre choices, I concluded that there haven’t really been many iconic record covers this year, Kanye West and Bowie getting bonus points for trying though. This Energy Gown 45 I have used above, is probably my favourite though, especially since it’s not plastered all over the web, and I couldn’t even find a high-res file.


Tandyn Almer – I Get High
The Young Sinclairs – Mona Lisa
Energy Gown – Diamond Bun
Mozes and the Firstborn – Peter Jr.
The Fighting League – Bad Surprises
The Squids – Drag
Drags – Sense
Thee Goochi Boiz – Something’s Missing
Geese – Love In All the Wrong Places
Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel – I Heard Her Call My Name
The Tone – Don’t Wanna Go
Slushy – Sunny Pair
Las Rosas – Black Cherry
Neo Boys – WWII
Habibi – Far From Right
Mane – Bloodstone
Gestapo Khazi – CA
Endless Bummer – Such a Drag
Adam Widener – Fake Flowers Never Die
Beach Party – Can’t Surf

Date: December 28th, 2013
Cate: Music, rediscovered

Los Nuggetz


Unfortunately the front cover of this release it too ugly to show, but check out this tracklisting. This new 4-disc set from Rock Beat is called Los Nuggetz – 60′s Punk, Pop and Psychedelic from Latin America and is by far the most comprehensive legitimate compilation of its kind and with better fidelity than most. Since this year, for me, has been one long exploration of first Brazilian, then Mexican, then Spanish 60s sounds, it really feels like a fitting way to end 2013. As usual there’s a lot to be said about a Nuggets-type compilation, especially the selection of tracks. And while this comp doesn’t aim at diversity (a lot of the same artists appear on all discs) it’s absolutely got a lot of uncompiled inclusions. As someone else has already written, the title is not representative because (like the original Psychodelicias 6CD set compiled by one “Sylvain”) the theme is rather “Spanish and Portuguese language” tracks, which means some bands are European. While the compilers have steered clear of tropicalia (cf. The Roots of Chicha) and jovem guarda (no Os Mutantes!) they’ve also missed out on some of the more interesting stuff that was recorded in the early 70s – which was when ’68 psych first hit South America big time. We’ve got a couple of tracks from the Kaleidoscope LP, but missing La Maquina Del Sonido, The Flying Karpets, La Revolucion De Emiliano Zapata, Spectrum, The Beat Boys, The Walkers etc. There’s also nothing by the groups that were featured on Nuggets II, probably deliberately. So while we don’t get Los Shakers from Uruguay (probably my favourite South American group), we get the Spanish Los Shakers instead. I’d rather have seen Los Shakes from Mexico on it, with their amazing take on “Pushing Too Hard”. Speaking of covers, pretty much half of the songs are cover versions of American or British groups, but that’s nothing to scoff at when a lot of them are wilder and more raw, as many DJs have discovered. The biggest suprise is probably that Los Saicos, who recieve a lot of attention these days, with dozens of reissues already out, are not included. My favourite track is probably The Pets from Venezuela (still looking for their lone s/t LP) with their heavy fuzz version of “Hello I Love You” by The Doors. I’d never heard Os Lobos before, whose 1971 folk-rock masterpiece  “Miragem” might be the best original on here. All in all, you get to hear some amazing groups like Los Shains, Los Nivram, Los No, Los Pops and Los Belmonts.

If you want to dig deeper I would recommend the following compilations. For Spain: Spañish Ñuggets, Sensacional Soul Vol. 1-3 and El sol es una droga Vol. 1-4); Bolivia: Psicofasicos de Bolivia, Argentina: Diggin’ Down Argentina – Nuggets From the Rioplatense Scene 1969-75, Mexico: La noche de los hippies – ’65-’70 Punk a la Mexicana; Peru: Back to Peru Vol. 1-2; Brazil: Brazilian Nuggets – Back From the Jungle Vol. 1-2, Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas – Tropicalia Psychedelic Masterpieces 1967-1976, Soul Braza – Brazilian 60s & 70s Soul Psych Vol. 1-2 and Selvagens – Brazilian 60′s Punk Artyfacts Vol. 1-3.

Stream the whole boxset here. But this one is still my fave Latin psych dancer: Fátima Reis – Amando Você, one copy on popsike, $200.